A Surprise Asteroid can Lead to a Catastrophe

A Surprise Asteroid can Lead to a Catastrophe

It seems like the world leaders tend to ignore the damage that an unexpected asteroid could cause, that’s the opinion of a former Presidential advisor. We’ll tell you all he had to say about it. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

What does the former Presidential advisor want to warn us about?

Douglas McKinno is the man who thinks that the world leaders should take initiative in order to prevent a potential catastrophe caused by a surprise asteroid strike.

Douglas McKinno gave us an example that supports his statement. He reminded us of the 2019 OK asteroid that came very close to Earth. Just a little wrong move in its trajectory could have caused a big collision and eventually a catastrophe.

We can’t always count on luck

That’s another thing mentioned by Douglas McKinno. We can’t just sit around and hope that nothing bad will happen in the future. It is the responsibility of the leaders to do something about it and to do it now.

NASA can fail sometimes

Douglas McKinno also told us a pretty alarming thing about NASA. It appears that the US space agency is known for missing big asteroids. The former Presidential advisor mentioned again the 2019 OK asteroid incident when the space rock was detected shortly before it was very close to Earth.

Finally, Mr Douglas McKinno thinks that President Trump, along with all of the other world leaders, should come up with solutions to this big problem. The first thing on their list should be finding more efficient ways of detecting and deflecting the asteroids away from Earth.

These were just a few things that Mr Douglas McKinno was concerned about. We hope that world leaders will open their eyes and realize the imminent danger that can be brought by some surprise asteroids.

We’ll keep you posted.


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