A Shark Attacked a 61-year-old man, But it Got Punched Instead

A Shark Attacked a 61-year-old man, But it Got Punched Instead

William Lytton, a 61-year-old man from Massachusetts, was taking a dip in the ocean while suddenly the beautiful day turned into a nightmare. Without being noticed, a massive shark which is thought to be a great white implated its powerful jaws into Lytton, and he would have been dead by now if it had not been for his quick thinking.

What happened?

The internet is full of advice on what to do if you ever encounter a shark and especially what to do so you will not get bitten, but going from theory to practice, is a big step. According to wildlife buffs, you should punch the shark in the tip of their more to startle or stun it, but Lytton had another idea. According to Boston Magazine, he kept hitting the shark in its gills until it let him go.

“I initially was terrified, but, really, there was no time to think,’’ Lytton told reporters. “‘It doesn’t feel like I did anything heroic. A lot of this was luck.”

Surviving a shark attack is a severe proof of someone’s luck.

Is he okay after the attack?

After the shark left due to the rain of fists it got, the victim could go back to the beach. Lytton was brought to a local hospital for treatment by helicopter. Unfortunately, according to the report from Boston Globe, Lytton has endured six surgeries, and the seventh is on its way. Doctors had been working on his body for two days why the victim was in a medically-induced coma.

According to scientists, the shark which chopped Lytton down was not a great white, and fortunately, it did not touch any important nerves.

The victim has months of recovery to do and will probably not touch the ocean soon after he is healed.


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