A Recommended Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

A Recommended Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

A common disease found in the US and UK is type2 diabetes is frequently encountered among the overweight or obese people. A person has this type of disease should eat a balanced, well-thought diet, accompanied by regular exercises in order to maintain a healthy weight. Read below to find out what you should eat for dinner in order to keep both you and your body happy.

When a person suffers from type 2 diabetes its body is not capable to control the amount of glucose in its bloodstream. If it rises too much, the person may sleep into what is called a diabetic coma, and if left unfound he or she may even die.

It is generally recommended for patients to eat a healthy diet, with three meals per day. A key point is the avoidance of food that is rich in sugar, fats and salt. Fruits and vegetables should be abundant, but the portion size needs to be measured in order to keep the glucose level low.

The UK Diabetes association recommends several varieties of food for your dinner, including some that come as a tasty surprise. On the list of approved food we can find roasted white meat and potatoes, steamed vegetables with rice, beef stir-fry and salad. More surprising are lasagna, chicken tortillas, salmon paired with noodle and curry.

While some of them may seem unhealthy, they can be adapted in order to remain tasty and improve your health. You should not go overboard with changes, as it will discourage you in the long run.

You can be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes during a routine medical check-up or after a blood test.  Increased hunger, called polyphagia, may also be a symptom of type 2 diabetes, since the glucose in your blood cannot fuel the cells. There are other symptoms that may signal the presence of type 2 diabetes, such as abnormal thirst, blurred vision, superficial wounds that heal slowly, genital itchiness and others.

With more than two the symptoms presented above and no known health problem, it is recommended to visit your doctor.


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