A New Record For Calculating Pi Was Broken – Are We That Far From Infinity?

A New Record For Calculating Pi Was Broken – Are We That Far From Infinity?

Swiss researchers revealed recently that they determined the mathematical constant pi to a new level of precision, reaching 62.8 trillion figures with the help of a supercomputer.

The Graubuenden University of Applied Sciences stated that the calculations took 108 days and nine hours.

The efforts were nearly “twice as fast as the record Google set using its cloud in 2019, and 3.5 times as fast as the previous world record in 2020,” according to the institution’s Center for Data Analytics, Visualization and Simulation.

The scientists are waiting for the Guinness Book of Records to account for their performance.

The final ten digits that were calculated for the constants are 7817924264.

Before the new record-breaking number of digits was calculated, the last calculation reached 50 trillion figures.

Formally speaking, the constant pi is defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Technically speaking, that number is accompanied by an infinite number of digits after the decimal point.

The number is most often used in its 10-digit form – 3.141592653.

However, the scientific community is always pushing the calculation of extra digits to new levels.

In day-to-day situations, the 10-digit version of the number is more than enough.

However, in more complex areas of science like astronomy, extra precision is needed, as the pi constant is often multiplied with large numbers, and an error in the decimal count/precision could lead to catastrophic outcomes.

The researchers claimed that the experience they gathered while calculating the constant could also be applied in other fields like “RNA analysis, simulations of fluid dynamics and textual analysis.”

We live in an age of huge technological advancements and, as supercomputers are becoming increasingly present in advanced science domains, it only makes sense that we are also pushing on to expand our knowledge and precision.

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