A Nasty Virus is Wandering around causing Serious Bacterial Infections


The cold season creates amazing landscapes and brings the winter holidays, but it also causes a lot of colds, viral infections and even more serious health problems. Since this winter started, a lot of people reported flu, a sore throat and other issues.

Even if we haven’t seen a winter when nobody gets sick so far, this year things look a lot worse in Cincinnati. It looks like a lot of this state’s residents are fighting a nasty virus that refuses to give in. The situation is so serious that emergency medicine specialists issued a warning. They advised people what to do if they come to face a bad cough that won’t let go even after entire days of treatment.

Cincinnati could be facing the serious flu epidemics, but a powerful virus could make things worse

Dr. Kenneth Patton, staff member at Bethesda North Hospital from Cincinnati recently declared that the whole thing started a few weeks ago. People started to report signs of illness with all the symptoms associated to flu, but some of them even reported gastrointestinal problems. If this wasn’t enough, Dr. Patton also received evidence of a bad respiratory infection.

This is caused by a virus that comes on a short notice and can leave in the same way. However, it takes some time for a patient with viral infection to heal and the worst part is that this type of ”illness” comes with serious complications.

The first alarming sign of viral infections is a bad cough that persists for days. In some cases, the cough can be accompanied by difficulties in breathing, gastrointestinal issues, low stamina and more. In case you experience the nasty cough, don’t wait for things to get worse and look for medical attention and treatment.

Bacterial infections are treatable even in the ER with IV rehydration fluids and proper medication.  You can avoid getting sick if you stay away from people who already have it and wash your hands as often as it is necessary.


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