A Megalodon Fossilized Tooth Was Stolen From Its Secret Hiding Place In Northwestern Australia

A Megalodon Fossilized Tooth Was Stolen From Its Secret Hiding Place In Northwestern Australia

A fossilized tooth belonging to a megalodon, the white shark’s ancestor, has disappeared from the theoretically ‘secret’ location where it has been discovered in northwestern Australia, according to an Australian official.

The fossilized megalodon tooth is the most beautiful specimen

The tooth was discovered on a cliff on the Ningaloo coast, an area protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Center. The area is full of many other teeth of this species and tourists can even see them.

However, this particular tooth was in a very good form, so the authorities decided to keep the place of its discovery secret.

“It’s probably one of the most beautiful specimens we know,” said Arvid Hogstrom, a representative of the department that oversees Western Australia’s nature parks.

What was a Megalodon?

The Megalodon has been a marine animal that could’ve been one of the largest and most powerful fish that have ever lived on Earth. The Megalodon, which could exceed 15 meters in length, would have disappeared with approximately 1.6 million years ago.

The Megalodon was only the giant brother of the current white shark, the two of them being part of the same family, Lamnidae, so, from the ancient oceans was lurking a shark 6 times larger than the white shark of today.

Even more, 2 Japanese researchers, Tadashi Uyeno and Hiroshi Sekine, elaborated a very interesting theory, according to which, the giant Megalodon has not disappeared at all but has only diminished turning into the White Shark, as we know it today.

Very few knew about the hiding place

The 10-centimeter tooth that belonged to a megalodon has disappeared.

The team buried the tooth and waited for a more optimal conservation solution. “Unfortunately, someone took it before us,” Hogstrom said, pointing out that “few people” knew about the secret hiding place.

The authorities do not know exactly when the Megalodon fossilized tooth was stolen.


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