A Man Was In Coma For Two Days After Eating Salmon Tartar In A Restaurant In Sherbrooke, Quebec

A Man Was In Coma For Two Days After Eating Salmon Tartar In A Restaurant In Sherbrooke, Quebec

The man who nearly died of an allergic reaction after eating a bite of a salmon tartar reached an agreement with the offending bistro. He and his partner claimed about half a million dollars. Simon-Pierre Canuel spent about a week in the intensive care unit, suffered a cardiac arrest, and was in a coma for two days after eating a salmon tartare on May 29th, 2016, at Bistro Le Tapageur in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

He sued the directory board of the restaurant, Francine Larochelle and Jasmin Vallieres, and the waiter Julien Vezina, and asked for $490,000. His spouse, Philippe Lavallee, was asking only for $25,000.

However, the parties reached an amicable agreement that avoids the need for a trial but the settlement amount has not been disclosed.

Beef or salmon?

“A notice of an out-of-court settlement will soon be filed in the Court’s file,” wrote Mr. Canuel’s lawyer, Francois Daigle, to Judge Francois Toth on March 23rd. “Unfortunately, everything is confidential,” said Daigle.

Under testimony, Mr. Canuel said he ordered several dishes, including a beef tartare, and that he specified that he was allergic to salmon.

For its part, the waiter says that Mr. Canuel has instead asked for a salmon tartare and that he informed him of his allergies to seafood. When Mr. Vezina served the dishes, he named them all, including the plate of salmon tartare. However, he never said that, according to the court documents.

Salmon was the culprit, Mr. Canuel keeps on telling

As soon as Mr. Canuel tasted salmon tartar, he had an intense allergic reaction.

Mr. Canuel has, among other things, experienced severe post-traumatic stress disorder and a phobia related to food. He even made a suicide attempt six months after the incident.

Besides this event, Mr. Canuel also claimed $420 K from Cogeco FM 93 and a journalist.

One reporter claimed that Simon-Pierre Canuel had been the victim of similar events in the past in Quebec and France and that he had sought to obtain financial compensation from the restaurants in question.

Mr. Canuel denied this information but also withdrew from the suit in April 2017.

As told, Simone-Pierre Canuel, who experienced an intense allergic reaction after eating salmon tartar, has asked about half a million dollars from the culprit restaurant but reached an amicable agreement with the directory board of the Bistro La Tapageur in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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