A Guide to Making Your Home a Healthy Space

A Guide to Making Your Home a Healthy Space

Your home is usually where you spend most of your time, and this means that your home can make a difference in your overall health- and that of your family. To ensure that your home is a healthy space for both your body and mind, you must take proactive steps to help to create a beneficial environment for everyone living within your home. Here are some of the best actions to take to make your home a happy and healthy space.

●     Call Pest Control

Pests in your home can transmit diseases to you and your family, as well as aggravate allergies in both adults and children, with the variety of common pests in homes, including ticks, cockroaches, and even scorpions. Then, it is important to remove infestations in your home as soon as possible by calling out a pest control service that can help to remove the unwanted insects in your home for good. To find out more about your options when it comes to pest control, click here to find out more about Moxie Pest Control and how they can help you to remove common pests from your home.

●     Invest in Plants

Plants can also make your home healthier by ensuring that more oxygen and less carbon dioxide is entering your home, as well as removing toxins from the air. Not only this, but plants are great mood boosters, and it has been proven that investing in plants for your home is a great step towards better mental health for you and your family. Some plants can also help to reduce the numbers of flies and other insects in your home, such as Venus flytraps and other plants within the same family.

●     Be Mindful of Your Pets

Although pets can bring joy and positive mental health, they can also help to produce toxins and bacteria in our home through uncleaned litter trays and muddy paws, for example. To ensure that your pet only brings you positives, you should ensure that you clean up well after them, ensuring that every surface is disinfected and that feces are scooped daily, with litter trays and pens being cleaned weekly.

●     Don’t Buy Chemical Cleaning Products

Chemical cleaning products are not only bad for the environment but also for your health. Cleaning supplies can contain toxic chemicals such as bleach and ammonia, which can exacerbate allergies and cause respiratory infections and headaches. Then, you should look at natural alternatives for cleaning products, many of which are now being commonly sold online by eco-friendly companies.

●     Avoid Toxins in the Home

Although your kids may love playing with plastic toys, you should try to avoid items that are potentially harmful to your health. Plastics are harmful, in particular, due to their production of toxins, and you should try to avoid these or use BPA-free alternatives. Instead, you should aim to invest in beneficial materials around the house, many of which are eco-friendly, such as cotton and bamboo over manufactured fabrics and materials.


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