A Comprehensive Guide to CBD and How it Works

A Comprehensive Guide to CBD and How it Works

Dabs and Waxes

CBD dab and waxes deliver high concentrations of CBD in a very short space of time. Usually, people will vape their dabs or waxes using a vape pen, although a special atomizer is required to do so. While this method is liked for its quick impact and high doses, it can be messy, with the coils having to be cleaned regularly due to the consistent build-up of waxes and oils. If you suffer with inflammation or mental disorders then dabbing is recommended.


Koi CBD gummies often comes in gummy edibles and these can administer large doses of CBD in a very short space of time. They’re just like normal candies and come in all the flavors you’re used to, and as with the capsules, they come in low, medium and high doses, which all release in the same steady way that you have come accustomed to with edibles.


CBD in crystal form allows you to take your CBD in a few ways. You can either mix it in with a drink or bake it into an edible, such as a cake, if you’re looking for a slow release. Vaping crystals is also possible – although a little fiddly – and if you’re using a thick e-liquid then the crystals may struggle to dissolve properly. However, crystals are a good way to experiment with CBD consumption.

Creams and lotions

CBD creams 1000mg and lotions are a good way of tackling localized pain and work in a similar way to products like Deep Heat. You simply apply the cream, ointment or balm onto the affected area, and wait for the skin to absorb. In addition to being a healthier way to take CBD than by ingesting it, CBD creams are also excellent at promoting healthy skin and can be used to treat complaints such as psoriasis and acne. You can even rub CBD creams into your hair if you have scalp issues – it’s really versatile stuff.

Vaping e-liquid

CBD e-liquids are vaped using a vape pen or like-for-like device. These are made up of CBD extract, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). There will be varying amounts of CBD extract, PG and VG in different products allowing for different strengths. Vaping CBD is no longer the quickest way to get CBD into your system,  but it is consistent and easy to use – as long as your device has charge, you can be off and running within seconds.

CBD oils

With there being so many CBD oil products, customers can be a little overwhelmed at first. The typical oils come in jars and have been mixed in with oils like coconut oils. These are easy to consume and can either be done so directly, or mixed in with food and beverages.

Not all CBD oils are “oils” in the typical sense. Some administer the CBD via a spray while others come in tinctures – both are intended to allow for rapid absorption. When taking a spray or a tincture, most choose to drip it under the tongue. Advocates of this form of CBD claim that it’s quicker to take effect than any other method.

Furthermore, there are CBD oil products which are just e-liquids combined with cannabidiol concentrates.

CBD patches

CBD patches are effective in treating localized pain, operating similarly to creams and lotions. You apply the patch just like you would a nicotine patch, leaving it on for several hours while the body absorbs the CBD.

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t see before, it’s clear now why so many are confused and even intimidated by the CBD world – there’s so much choice and so much terminology to learn. “Oils” aren’t always oils like we know them for example. But most importantly, remember that each method has its perks and there’s no “best” method as everybody is after something different from CBD.

Not all brands and companies label their CBD products correctly, so some “oils” may not even be oils at all. For example, e-liquids tend to be CBD extract mixed in with PG and/or VG, therefore having no oil base at all. “Oil” is simply a colloquial

As you would with any other “medicine”, be sure to read the instructions and directions before using CBD for the first time. Knowledge is power, and having it will ensure you have a pleasant and worthwhile CBD experience.



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