A Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Beat Cancer Twice Before Celebrating Her 2 Years Anniversary

A Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Beat Cancer Twice Before Celebrating Her 2 Years Anniversary

A baby girl from Ohio, the USA, Grace, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a form of Leukemia common in kids suffering from this disease. Now, the baby girl of only 16-month-old has proven to be a fighter as she beat aggressive cancer twice.

“When Grace was born, doctors let us know that she has Down Syndrome and she also had a form of leukemia that is typical in children with Down syndrome. She was a little over four pounds and she was getting chemotherapy at 2 days old. I did a lot of crying and a lot of praying,” declared Valerie Rosian, the mother of the baby girl.

Fortunately, at first, the 2-month long treatment was effective and Grace was diagnosed healthy as the doctors noticed that cancer was gone. However, the family’s happiness wasn’t meant to be long as the baby girl was diagnosed later with myeloid leukemia.

The baby girl with Down Syndrome beat this cancer, too, before turning 2-year-old

“I was so heartbroken. When they told me initially that there was a chance of it coming back, I didn’t really give it much thought,” stated Valerie Rosian.

The treatment was commenced fast but it was very strong, so, the girls lost her hair and developed sores, to the despair of her family. The mother, Valerie Rosian, recalls that Grace had a very enjoyable 1-year anniversary but she looked sad and overwhelmed by everything she went through at such a young age.

Luckily, once again, the treatment was effective and Grace’s myeloid leukemia cancer started remitting earlier this year. The baby girl recovered fast and was released home right on the World Down Syndrome Day, on March 21st.

Now, Grace is a happy baby, according to the mother, and, for every one of us, this baby girl with Down Syndrome who beat cancer twice before turning 2 is a fighter and she should be an example of perseverance and iron-will.


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