84-Year-Old Doctor Loses Medical License Because She’s Bad At Computers

84-Year-Old Doctor Loses Medical License Because She’s Bad At Computers

An 84-year-old doctor from New London, New Hampshire had her medical license taken from her on 28 October. On November the 3rd, she tried to get her license back so she went to the state court.

The authorities stated that the elderly doctor, Dr. Anna Konopka, doesn’t have a computer and doesn’t know how to use one. This is why she lacks organizational skills.

Her response was that she doesn’t work certain things on a computer and that she has no time to study about how to work on a computer.

State Authorities Want Dr. Konopka to Access the Online Monitoring Program

One of the issues that the Dr. Konopka has is that she cannot access the online monitoring program for the evidence of the amount of opioids that she issues. Therefore, her ability to practice medicine is at risk.

Dr. Konopka’s story on her medical license started after a family member of one of her patients went to the state medical board and placed a complaint. She was reprimanded in May, this year and after that, more complaints arrived.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Lyn Cusack confirmed to reporters that the elderly doctor surrendered her case after they showed her the results from four other complaints that were investigated.Cusack added that the doctor can ask the Board of Medicine to ask for a hearing in those four investigations.

An Old Country Doctor Licensed Since 1968

While she was at the court, she was supported by a few patients and they talked about the way Dr. Konopka treated her patients along her years of practice. She was a compassionate doctor, calling and checking on her patients, she used to spend even two hours with them if they needed it.

Dr. Konopka told the court that if she closes her office, her patients will get no medical care and they will need medications that she can no longer prescribe without a license. She used to have a small office in a 160-year-old house, in a small town of 4,000 people, before she had to close.

Dr. Konopka was given a choice by the Board of Medicine officials: either to have her license revoked in two days and appear before the board or to voluntary surrender her medical license and practice for one more month.

In the court, she asked Judge John Kissinger if she could have her license reinstated. The Judge said that he will consider her issue.


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