8 Great Natural Remedies For Skin Care

8 Great Natural Remedies For Skin Care

Amidst the several treatments that have been discovered recently, Ayurveda for skin care has been proven to be superior due to its extensive properties and several values. Check out some of the natural remedies for skincare from below.

1.     Moisturize with Aloe Vera

If there is something that can do magic to your skin overnight, it’s aloe vera. Most skin problems begin from the root of hydration, and aloe vera hits the point by locking intense moisture. Besides, aloe vera acts as a shield for your skin by reducing skin inflammation and itching.

For someone who has got stretch marks on their body or a stubborn scar that doesn’t intend to go away, aloe vera based products from Kerala Ayurveda can be a boon. Just take a spoonful of raw aloe vera and spread it all across your face after washing it well and go to bed. You will be able to discover a noticeable difference in your skin the next day.

2.     Cucumber for the eyes

Often considered among the most underrated vegetables, cucumber has catered to wellness, for several decades. With about ninety-percent of water content, it helps hydrate your skin and keeps it rejuvenated. It helps you to get rid of the dark circles and reduces puffiness under the eyes. With the tonic property, it helps to reduce the appearance of freckles and keeps the cellulite at bay.

Take two slices of cucumbers and place them on the closed eyelids. Keep them for some time to relax your vessels and promote blood circulation. The same process works on dark circles too.

3.     Treat your skin with Almond Oil

Almond oils are rich in nutrients and light in texture and thus can be used as a scrub to clean your pores along with sugar. Once your pores get deeply cleaned, blackheads and acne will reduce too.

Those suffering from Psoriasis and Eczema can use almond oil or may also opt for Winsoria Oil offered by veterans in the field of Ayurveda like Kerala Ayurveda, which has some similar properties. You can also utilize it as a moisturizing lotion for the skin, as oils with such composition can get absorbed into the skin quickly. These oils can easily be found on e-commerce sites like Amazon as well.

4.     Exfoliate with Sandalwood

Along with a great fragrance, sandalwood is also known for its healing properties. It can be used as an oil or as a face pack on the skin to reduce inflammation, prevent the growth of germs on the surface, and as a tonic too.

Sandalwood helps to reduce the pimples and can also be stored as a daily scrub to remove dead skin cells from the surface. Apart from that, the mixture even helps to treat allergies, rashes, and burns on the skin.

5.     Provide skin nutrition with Sesame Oil

Derived from sesame seeds, sesame oil is rich in zinc and contains essential minerals, along with Vitamin E. Due to the presence of Vitamin E, the oil penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, rendering it feel soft and supple.

Sesame oil acts as a skin detoxifier by attracting the soluble toxins from the surface of the skin and curtails the appearance of fine lines and aging. Moreover, if you think applying sunscreen is a hassle, then sesame oil can get the job done for you.

6.     Keep the germs at bay with Turmeric

Turmeric has a high antioxidant property, which makes it a powerful healer for the skin. Not only that, but turmeric is also used to treat several diseases and heal the scars.

Turmeric can be actively used on the skin as a face mask, which regulates the production of sebum for the oily-skin individuals. It also helps to treat the formation of wrinkles and can also be used as a night cream with several chemical products.

7.     Get rid of acne with Neem

The miraculous herb with antiparasitic, analgesic, inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties, helps to prevent skin infections and prevent the appearance of acne scars on the skin.

Apart from it, you can help to treat skin allergies and infections because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Individuals with Psoriasis can also help to get rid of itchiness and irritation by giving a soothing effect on the skin.

8.     Reduce your scars with Papaya

Papaya has rich antioxidant properties, along with vitamins and minerals, which help reduce the pigmentation of the skin, reducing the dark patches on the surface.

If you are someone who faces frequent breakouts and wrinkle formations, then rubbing Papaya slices on the skin can help to get rid of the dead skin cells and flaky skin.

You can check out Kerala Ayurveda’s extensive range of Ayurvedic products for skincare, as they ensure the best prices while maintaining the quality.


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