7 ways you can catch an STI without having sex

7 ways you can catch an STI without having sex

Contrary to the popular opinion, you can still catch an STI without even having sex, even if you’re a virgin. In fact, everyday behavior might be the one to cause you these issues. Health Express reported that there are 7 ways in which you can contract an STI.

Tanning beds

As disgusting as it may sound, beauty salon can be a great place for getting herpes or HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Both these STIs can appear on any spot on the body, so anybody can transfer them on the bed.

Dry humping

Besides being able to get pregnant from dry humping even when wearing your underwear, you can also catch several STIs simply because of the skin on skin contact.

Touching beards

Indeed, this might be a rare occurrence, but pubic lice (also called crabs), herpes and scabies can live in a beard. If a person touched its beard on someone else’s genitalia, than it could pass on an infection.

Sharing razors

You don’t really need to share a razor, especially since through this you can get an STI. It’s easy to figure this one out, people cut themselves often with the razor blade, and so it can become infected.


According to a study, two thirds of the world population have oral herpes. The oral one can also be spread downstairs, so be careful with kissing someone who has a cold sore!

Sharing towels

Towels are dangerous because STIs grow in damp and moist environments, so you have to always use your own towel.


A recent study has shown that there is a link between a Brazilian wax and the STI molluscum contagiosum. The beauty treatment can also make you get herpes, since this one enters the body through cuts and damaged skin, so be careful!


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