7 Best Workout Videos for Women

7 Best Workout Videos for Women

Deciding to take intentional steps in removing fat from your body can reshape your life as well as your physique. For some women, this decision has led them to undergo liposuction as a way to jump-start their fat loss journey. Once you decide that you want to pursue a healthier, more active lifestyle, the world of fitness can be overwhelming, and the gym can be intimidating, especially for women entering into a new realm. 

According to Sadrian Plastic Surgery – service in San Diego, CA, women readjusting to their bodies after undergoing liposuction can benefit from at-home workouts. It will boost your confidence, your strength, and your fitness knowledge.

YouTube offers a plethora of fitness options to help tone your body, burn fat, and reacquaint yourself with a leaner, healthier body. Here is a list of seven of the best workout videos for women. 

#1 Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Weight Loss | Fat Burning Workout

This YouTuber has a large collection of videos for you to follow along for yoga instruction. While a good portion of her videos offers emotional or meditation focus, Adriene has videos to help with followers’ specific needs ranging from beginner yoga poses to yoga challenges for veteran yogis. Her video “Yoga for Weight Loss | Fat Burning Workout” is a 40-minute-long yoga lesson that focuses on abs strength and “a mindful core.” Yoga with Adriene is a great resource if you are looking to expand your practice, increase flexibility, and become more comfortable in your skin. 

#2 Stephanie Buttermore: How to Diet and Train with Your Menstrual Cycle

A fitness Vlogger, Stephanie Buttermore offers science-based videos, instructional workout videos, and fitness lifestyle information videos. Digging deep into the world of the female anatomy, Buttermore created The Women’s Series where she discusses some of the challenges or information that affects women as they train and eat. Her first episode in her women’s series will help with designing an exercise plan and having realistic expectations from your body’s performance. She takes into account hormonal fluctuations and offers suggestions about how best to work with them instead of against them.

#3 Cassey Ho “Fat Burning Cardio Warmup | POP Cardio”

On her channel Blogilates, Cassey Ho offers a range of fitness content including Pilates-inspired HIIT, dance fitness, and themed workout videos. Ho’s personality comes through and offers motivation in a fun environment. Her workout series focuses on a range of topics, from specific muscle groups to types of workouts. Her video “Fat Burning Cardio Warmup | POP Cardio” offers self-proclaimed ease into YouTube guided workouts.

#4 Jessica Smith “The Kickboxing Circuit Workout”

In a beginner-friendly, approachable manner, Jessica Smith offers HIIT videos, playlists based on length, muscle group, or goal, and practical instruction. A certified wellness coach, Jessica’s content is helpful to establish terminology and basic exercise technique.

#5 CrossFitHQ “The Burpee”

Offering at-home friendly, creative workouts, protein-packed recipes, and reference videos, CrossFitHQ is a strong resource for your workout regime. Their video collection includes how to exercise with household items to mimic equipment you would normally find in a gym. The detailed instructions in the videos allow you to learn the basics of calisthenic movements as well as weighted exercises. Their “Nine Fundamental Movements” playlist is a great instruction to some of the common exercises in the fitness industry.

#6 PsycheTruth “Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! 

This video from PsycheTruth offers weight loss and fat burning tips in this at-home friendly workout. The instructor uses a chair in her demonstration, but she also explains what to do if you are not using any type of equipment. This channel offers a range of health videos including other beginner workout videos, yoga instructional videos, and massage informational videos.

#7 POPSUGAR Fitness: 30-Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout 

Embrace your inner ballerina with this fun barre workout. This video is an instructional, follow along with barre workout from POPSUGAR Fitness with Barre Belle creator Marnie Alton, the celebrity trainer. Alton brings high-energy and informative teaching together in this 30-minute workout. This workout video is perfect for beginners because the movements are explained and demonstrated multiple times ensuring easy-to-follow instruction. 

Whether you are just beginning your exercise regime, looking for additions for your current routine, or easing into fitness after illness or surgery, these videos and their creators are great resources to expand your knowledge, burn fat, and to learn more about the health of your own body.  

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