6 Inventions That Started To Change The World

6 Inventions That Started To Change The World

Every year there is a wealth of inventions that try to make people’s lives more comfortable, push the boundaries of knowledge and give better opportunities to those who are disadvantaged. The six mentioned below are only a small part of the inventions that took place in 2017 but are probably those that have and will have the greatest influence on the progress of mankind.

Glasses that make the blind see

For millions of people around the world who are blind, walking is always a challenge. Although dogs and canines can help, they cannot simulate vision, but eSight 3 can.

It can be considered as the strongest pair of glasses: once users see it, they record a high-resolution video and use magnification, contrast and different algorithms to enhance that image in something that even the blind can see, letting them take part in a variety of activities, including sports, which otherwise would not be possible.

But the device is quite expensive, almost 10,000 dollars, but normally with time, and if the technology proves useful and efficient, prices will fall. Currently, the company that produced it estimates it has been used by more than 1,000 people.

A cup that keeps coffee hot

This is one of the biggest small problems faced by people. The coffee may cool too fast or it may be very hot, and both situations affect the taste. According to a study, there are only 37 seconds in which you can enjoy this drink at the optimum temperature. So, Ember Technologies came up with a solution: an Ember steel mug. Covered with a ceramic coat, it can keep coffee or tea at an exact set temperature with an application for one hour on its own due to the material and then for an unlimited time due to electric heating.

Elevators that can move horizontally

MULTI is a lift system created in a partnership of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and ThyssenKrupp. The project is simple, the elevators can also go horizontally, using technology that also helps with the magnetic trains.

Electrical cars

Electric cars typically have one of two problems: they are either too expensive or have limited autonomy. Model 3, the electric car created by Tesla, wants to solve both problems: it costs only $ 35,000 and has a range of 320 kilometers.

The demand for this car is extremely high, around 1,800 orders a day, according to company officials, and Tesla strives to cope.

Airless car tires

The tires are made of recyclable materials and the structure can be created on 3D printers. They are also more durable and easy to replace, at least so suggested Michelin, the company that created this model.

Sustainable smart farms

The future of agriculture consists in raising shells, mussels and algae on ropes anchored by the ocean floor. At least that is what Bren Smith, the director of GreenWave, says.

The project is useful in the context in which people see themselves forced to create alternatives to current food sources.


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  1. Some genuinely interesting and innovative ideas here.
    Naturally it’s a given that Tesla would make the list, horizontal elevators doesn’t bring much to the table, but sustainable ocean agriculture – now that really could be a game changer.


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