5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health

Technology is everywhere these days, with every aspect of a person’s life. Technology has infinite possibilities when it comes to enriching your life from giving answers about questions, reading news about other parts of the world, to diet and fitness plans. While some experts say too much screen time is bad for your health, technology is a tool that can help improve your overall well-being.

Here are ways on how technology can help you live a healthier life:

  1. Technology allows efficient monitoring of your health

Technology improves your health by helping you track and monitor your status better. You no longer have to go to the doctor regularly simply to ask assistance to control your blood sugar and blood pressure, for example. Monitoring devices are now extremely advanced and easy to operate that you can do it yourself at home.

As an added advantage in relation to health monitoring, technology also makes it easier for you to purchase any of these devices, through websites like CPAP Machines. Aside from that, technology provides you with the means to monitor the following:

  • Activity tracker, like how many steps you’ve walked in a day, or the distance that you covered
  • Sleep tracker, like the hours you’ve slept, or how well you’ve slept through the night to reach optimum rest
  • Food intake trackers that allow you to input the food you eat daily
  • Period trackers that allow women to input their menstrual cycles

  1. Technology raises awareness about health-related issues

Almost every piece of information is readily-accessible at a touch of a button, but just because search engines have answer to questions doesn’t mean that you have to skip going to the doctor altogether. You can, however, use technology for many other health tips, such as:

  • Diet and nutritional tips, like finding out how many calories are in a meal
  • 30-day challenges and how to jumpstart your fitness journey
  • News about the latest health issues, like measles outbreaks

Because of this convenience, you no longer have to go broad extents merely to gather information about health-related issues.

  1. Technology gives you a motivational support system

Social media is an excellent way to keep others updated about each other’s lives. One of these updates is about your fitness and health journey. When you look at a social media influencer’s account, or even that of your friends, use their fitness and health success stories to inspire and motivate you; do not take it negatively to be jealous of the fitness victory that they have.

With technology, you have more access to online communities that can serve as your support group to help you get a start on your healthy lifestyle as well.

  1. Technology makes it easier for you to communicate and set appointments with doctors

There may be some situations where you may need to seek the help of a specialist, and this specialist is not found in your city, state, or even country. Hence, you may need to consult a foreign doctor. With technology, it becomes easier for you to communicate with and set appointments with these doctors.

When you are searching for specialists, their email addresses and appointment options are usually provided on their websites. The best part is that even for follow-up appointments that do not need a physical check, you can do virtual check-ups, such as online through video calls.

Case and point, there was a man from the Australia who needed extra special treatment with a specific kind of cancer, and there is no one in the Australia who can treat it. He needed to seek a specialist from Germany. It was easy for him to email about his case and set an appointment with the use of technology. When he returned to the Australia, follow-up tests and documents or blood tests were sent via the email, so it saved him the cost of having to go back and forth Germany.

  1. Technology makes it easier for you and other health professionals to maintain health records

Because of advancements in technology, health records are no longer kept through traditional hard-copy papers. Most hospitals and even patients now keep their health records through digital means. The advantage of such method is that it makes it easier for you to track and keep your previous health records, like the following:

  • Medical history about past issues such as ailments
  • Medicines that you previously took, including those that you are allergic to and their respective doses
  • Previous diagnosis and treatment plans

Because of this ease through technology, when seeking medical treatment, it is not difficult for you anymore to trace your medical history. Even more importantly, you do not have to go back to square one with any treatment that you may have already undertaken.


Technology should not be meant to detach you from the rest of the world; it should be there to help you live your daily lives better. One part of your life that you can use technology to help you with is your health. Technology has also reached so many industries like the healthcare and medical industry. These above mentioned ways will be your best bud as you start your fitness plans to have a healthier version of yourself.


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