5 Ways Plant-Based Eating Can Benefit Women’s Health

5 Ways Plant-Based Eating Can Benefit Women’s Health

Plant-based eating is all the rage currently. It’s even taken the restaurant world by storm with leading traditionally fast food brands such as Denny’s and KFC adjusting their menus to cater to this new taste.

Brands like Beyond Burger are growing massively and in 2019 alone, the plant-based food market was estimated to be worth over $12 billion. As Americans and the rest of the world reach for healthier food choices, women especially are making the switch as a way to stay healthy and control their calories at the same time.

Here are five ways that plant-based eating is beneficial to women’s health.

1.      Directly from the Soil

While it’s common to see slogans like “from the farm to the plate,” indicating that food has been distributed more immediately, it doesn’t address how the food product will be used.

Plant-based foods get close to the source while still delivering sensible food options for busy women. When they don’t have time to prepare a meal from scratch, plant-based sausages and other options mix well with a pre-washed convenience salad from the supermarket picked up on the way home.

With plant-based options, it removes the preservatives and additives that can cause allergies. The food is likely to be easier to digest too.

2.      Set Up Your Diet for Success

When you’ve been struggling with finding meals that don’t include too much red meat or are easier to prepare, then a flexible diet is a workable one. A fussy diet isn’t one that most women will stick to, even when it’s good for the body. It’s just too much like hard work!

By contrast, a plant-based diet is extremely flexible. When there’s a vegetable that you dislike, just skip it. There’s no requirement to include certain plants to qualify the diet. No one is judging you.

Therefore, while a plant-oriented diet is a healthy option, carnivores are fine with adding their organic sausages or chicken breast slices if that’s what is enjoyable. The gradual movement from a carnivore-based diet to a plant-based one has even been dubbed a Flexitarian diet due to its malleable nature.

Also, making gradual adjustments to consume more plants in your diet is perfectly acceptable and avoids giving your body a shock to its system.

3.      Total View Approach to Nutrition

When taking a total view approach to nutrition rather than a limited one, this includes everything that you eat, drink, or otherwise consume. Therefore, it’s worth looking at supplements that support you as a woman while not going against your values or dietary requirements.

For instance, there are excellent multivitamins supplements for women made for vegan and plant-based diets. They’re certified as Vegan, so there are no concerns about what’s inside them or how they’re produced. Making the switch to a healthier supplement takes a holistic approach to your health that avoids ignoring certain aspects just because they’re not food.

4.      Sticking to Nutrient-Rich Food Sources

It’s been said that the farther we get away from the original food source, the more nutrients are lost. Even the way that we prepare foods can leak out many of the nutrients in fresh vegetables by boiling them for too long and discarding the water rather than using a steamer to retain the nutrients.

Diets oriented around plants deliver additional antioxidants that help to protect the body from health risks. It also includes more soluble fiber that’s present in cereals and fruit, but we often don’t get enough of it. Plants provide a wide range of nutrients that serve our body well and in a way that’s closer to nature.

5.      Avoiding Irritants

There’s an increasing problem with food sources where a woman’s body can react badly to certain foods. Allergies are increasingly common, too, unlike many years ago when that wasn’t the case.

By choosing a plant-based diet, it reduces the likelihood of a food source irritating the bowels or having other unexpected health effects. Ruling out what’s the cause of the discomfort is exceedingly difficult with a broad diet, including packaged foods originating from several different food producers. 

By going back to basics with your diet, it not only provides a cleaner source but limits the risk of contaminants causing internal discomfort or irritation. Put simply, you can trust what you’re eating far more than you could before.

In the struggle to be and stay healthier, women are faced with doing so with increasingly busier lives than their mothers had before them. Holding down a job and taking care of children is like working two jobs, leaving smart health decisions as a forgotten luxury for many women. Even for younger single women without children, so much is expected of them that their diet often doesn’t get cleaned up until its consequences begin to become evident as they get a little older. Switching to a plant-based diet is low maintenance and take the fuss out of eating.


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