5 Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress

5 Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress

We all feel stressed and anxious from time to time. Whether it is from work, relationships, family, or just life in general, feeling anxious is human nature. Even the calmest, most relaxed people get overwhelmed and feel stressed. And I think we can all agree that anxiety and stress can absolutely destroy your mood and ability to function throughout the day. So, what should you do when you get hit with that all-consuming pang of unease? It is important to create healthy and effective coping mechanisms for stress that help you feel stable again, even on your most overwhelming days. Different mechanisms work for different people, but here are 5 tips to manage anxiety and stress:

  1. Exercise

One of the best ways to clear your head when you are feeling overwhelmed is by exercising. It is great for mental and physical health, and it is free! Make it a point to move your body every single day and you will see just how much it boosts your mood. If you experience anxiety tremors, working out is also a great way to help with that by reducing your stress. Exercising can be going on a walk in the morning, doing yoga, or lifting weights—whatever it is that gets your mind off your stress and gets your blood flowing will do the trick.

  1. Journal

Journaling might seem like a pointless effort to relieve anxiety… until you actually try it. There is just something so rewarding and relaxing about putting pen to paper and writing down your feelings. It can be very cathartic and a good way for you to better understand your own emotions and calm your mind. Journaling for even just a couple of minutes every day can really help reduce stress and anxiety.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Being your best mentally starts with getting a good night’s rest. A lack of sleep is going to do way more than just make you tired in the morning, it is going to impact your productivity, ability to focus, and overall mood. Getting enough sleep is a simple, yet effective way to better manage stress and improve your health in general. If you have a hard time falling asleep as a result of anxiety, create a comfortable sleep routine by using aromatherapy and reading or other activities that help you unwind before bed to get your mind tired and ready for sleep.

  1. Avoid Procrastinating

I know, when you are stressed, the last thing you want to do is focus on the tasks you have to accomplish that day. But procrastinating is only going to intensify and prolong your anxiety. If you need it, take a break and give yourself some time to relax, but do not put off your responsibilities for too long. Checking things off your list will help you feel more accomplished, which in turn may help reduce your stress.


  1. Cook

Sometimes the best thing we can do for our mental health is to temporarily put aside our tasks and cook something. Cooking can be extremely relaxing and helpful in managing stress. People tend to neglect their healthy eating habits when they’re stressed, but fueling your body with nutritious foods when you are feeling anxious is especially important. Food is fuel for your brain! Eat foods like salmon, dark chocolate, and yogurt whenever you feel stressed. Try following a recipe from a cookbook and you might find that the act of cooking helps you to unwind more than you ever imagined it would.

Stress and anxiety is inevitable, but that does not mean we should let it consume our lives. There are countless ways you can manage stress, but any of these methods are simple (and affordable!) ways of doing so. It might take some trial and error, but in order to be the best version of yourself, you have to figure out how to manage your stress and anxiety.

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