5 Lifestyle Changes That Make Staying Healthy Easy

5 Lifestyle Changes That Make Staying Healthy Easy

There is no single solution to trying to stay healthy. It takes multiple different behavioural changes across various aspects of your life to truly find the most effective and healthy balance for your body. Diet, exercise and mental strength all play a role, which is why it’s important to make the whole process as easy as possible for yourself.

With this in mind, here are some simple but essential lifestyle changes you can make to help ensure staying healthy is as easy as possible.

Stay Hydrated

We all know water is essential for life, but few people understand the science behind it and how hydration affects you on a daily basis. Ultimately, drinking enough water helps you feel comfortable, energised and strong, which assists in ensuring you stay motivated in pursuing your other health and fitness goals.

In particular, staying hydrated maintains the fluid balance within your body, a key factor in maintaining electrolyte health and reducing muscle fatigue. In short, staying hydrated makes your muscles feel stronger for longer, making that post-work exercise routine feel much more achievable. On top of this, drinking water instead of other drinks can help with weight loss and sugar intake, as well as ensuring normal bowel function. Simply put, staying hydrated helps you stay healthy in almost every way.

Cooking in Bulk

As a habit, bulk cooking has been proven to help maintain a balanced diet by ensuring that the quantity and type of food you consume is at a healthy level. Typically, bulk cookers put together the whole week’s meals on Sunday and freeze them in portioned out sizes for easy defrosting and eating during the week.

There are countless freezer-friendly recipes out there which can be adapted for your personal preferences too. Additionally, this approach saves time and effort during the week, making it easier to still eat healthy even if you’re feeling particularly tired or lazy.  

Create a Budget Home Gym

Often, the biggest challenge for those who want to exercise more often is being motivated enough to make the journey to the gym. Particularly for those who live a fair distance from their gym, the travel time alone is enough to deter them from making the trip.

Home gyms avoid this issue entirely by placing all you need right at your doorstep. Finding used gym equipment in the UK is fairly easy too, so there’s no need to pay extortionate prices for full price fitness apparatus. With a dedicated workout space at home, it’s much more difficult to avoid your scheduled workout session, making it much easier to stay healthy.

Sleep Properly

Everyone’s sleeping pattern is slightly different and often, your body can seem to ‘get used to’ less sleep than is recommended. Despite this, sleeping for at least 7-9 hours is incredibly important for any adult and helps with a host of different day-to-day activities. Not only does sleeping improve energy levels which boost your likelihood to exercise, but studies have also stated that it boosts mental health, self-confidence, concentration and willpower – all fundamental aspects of staying happy and healthy.

Only Drive When Necessary

Finally, this small change to your lifestyle can really make a difference when it comes to being active and healthy. It’s easy to find yourself hopping in the car just because it’s convenient but actually, cycling or walking can be a cheaper and often even quicker option. Next time you’re making a short journey, think about whether the car really is the best option or if a more active form of transport might be better, even if it takes a little longer. These spontaneous active periods can really make the difference to your health considering the low-activity routines that many of us are stuck in.

Utilising these five lifestyle changes, keeping healthy, eating well and staying active should be much easier. Always remember that health is about lots of little changes rather than a single big one – every little bit helps, so persevere and stay motivated to get the best results.


Jeffrey likes to write about health and fitness topics, being a champion fitness instructor in the past.

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