A 5-Km High Ash Column Produced Upon Mayon Volcano Explosion On Monday

A 5-Km High Ash Column Produced Upon Mayon Volcano Explosion On Monday

Monday afternoon, the Phillippine volcano, Mayon, produce a 5-km high ash column after violently exploding at 12:43 local time.

After the eruption, towns of Camalig, Polangui, Oas, Iriga City, and Guinibatan were covered by the volcanic cloud, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS).

PHIVOLCS stated that there were registered 15 tremor events, 2 earthquakes, lava flows, and 35 rockfall events. Also, 5 episodes of lava explosions were registered from Monday night to Tuesday morning. The lava fountains reached 700 meters high and produced ash columns that went 3-km high above the Mayon Volcano’s crater. PDCs (Pyroclastic Density Currents) and lava flows were formed after explosion within 4 km from the crater. These events were followed by a gas release that produced a 500-meters high ash column. Lava flows registered at Buyan and Miisi gullies have progressed 200 meters and 3 km, respectively.

However, the alert of the fourth level 4 is still on. A Level 4 alert is only one level below the maximum, Level 5, which is triggered when a hazardous eruption occurs. Additionally, the danger zone has been increased with 1 km more.

992 tonnes of sulfur dioxide are emitted daily by the volcano which could be hazardous for people living close to it.

More than 36,000 people were evacuated Tuesday morning, local time, because Mayon Volcano is still producing ash and spitting lava. Many of these people were just returning home after the previous evacuation operations. Authorities advise residents to cover their mouths and noses with pieces of cloth or to wear masks to protect themselves from the poisonous air.

In short:

  • January 13th: Mayon erupted and produced gas and ash columns of 2.5-km high
  • January 14th: 3 lava flows and 158 rockfall events occurred – Alert Level 3
  • January 16th: State of calamity has been declared in the province of Albay
  • January 22nd: Level 4 of alert has been raised as the Mayon Volcano produced a 3-km high ash column

Mayon Volcano still represents a danger as a hazardous explosion is still possible!


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