5 Best Fitness Trackers that can be Attached to your Sports Bra

5 Best Fitness Trackers that can be Attached to your Sports Bra

1. Garmin vívofit Belt Clip

Dell sells this Garmin vívofit Belt Clip, and there is no difficulty in clipping it to your sports bra. Keep track of your health goals by clipping it to your bra. This little gadget can be purchased at the price of $24.99.

2. Garmin vívofit 2 Belt Clip

This one is sold by Dells as well but it is a little different in comparison to the first Garmin vívofit clip-on fitness tracker, but it still looks as good. The Garmin vívofit 2 Belt Clip has a rounder shape, but the clippability has not changed. If you get to pair up with a friend and get two such gadgets from Heart Rate Monitors USA, you will get a discount.

3. Fitbit Zip Charcoal

This clip-on fitness tracker is sold by Weight Watcher, and it is not hard to attach it to your sports bra. If you were used to wearing a watch fitness tracker, then you will see that now you can sweat as much as you can without having something sticking to your skin. This gadget shows how many calories you burn and how many steps you walk.

4. Fitbit One

This is another Fitbit, the newer clip-on fitness tracker. This is similar to the previous one, but it comes in burgundy as well.

The battery to this one lasts up to 14 hours so you will only need to charge it a few times a month.

5. Jawbone UPmove

You can either use this only when exercising or for day to day wear. It looks cute, and every girl at the gym will compliment you.

Choose one of these fitness trackers and put it to some good work. Keep being as active as possible!


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