5 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin E and How to Get More of It

5 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin E and How to Get More of It

When the body is lacking in the right vitamins and in the proper amount, it can suffer. A functional decline won’t be noticed right away, but over the weeks to come, you just won’t feel as vital and present. You may acknowledge this subconsciously by trying to overcome it using a stimulant like caffeine, but that’s not healthy, nor does it address the root cause of the problem.

In the case of Vitamin E, it’s one of the crucial vitamins required for the human body. It provides many benefits that are extremely useful and sometimes can ward off illness too. In this article, we cover 5 of the benefits of getting more vitamin E and how to do it.

1.      Heals Wounds and Scrapes Faster

Vitamin E is responsible for assisting the body in healing itself. With more of this antioxidant, any cuts, scrapes, or more significant injuries tend to get a helping hand.

Also, with better healing, less skin scarring is likely to occur too.

2.      Natural Itching Relief

While vitamin E doesn’t directly prevent itchy skin and the scratching that results, it does work in the background to prevent it.

Having more of this essential vitamin prevents drier skin by adding important extra moisture to your surface layer. Because of this, skin that would otherwise have been dry and irritated is far less likely to be so now. As a result, itching is often reduced in severity or eliminated in milder cases.

3.      Healthier Nails

Your nails need to be taken care of too. When they’re unhealthy, they can become discolored by taking on a yellow tint. They also may start to peel or break more easily. In a worst-case scenario, nails can fall off completely.

By having enough vitamin E, the chances of getting yellow-tinted nails or their becoming unhealthy are far reduced. With extra moisture, the nail bed, the skin surrounding the nails, and the cuticles all play their supporting role properly.

4.      Protection from Free Radicals

With enough vitamin E, the body is protected better from free radicals. Free radicals have unpaired electrons which our bodies can come into contact with. They are damaging to our DNA structure, cell membranes, and protein structures too.

When coming into contact with free radicals, they strip the electrons from cell membranes. This has the effect of damaging previously fully functioning, healthy cells. As a result, this can lead to the development of cancerous cells or heart disease.

5.      How to Get More Vitamin E

While you will undoubtedly get some vitamin E from your diet, it’s next to impossible to know just how much that really is. If you’re finding that your skin is suffering from delayed healing, lacks hydration, or just doesn’t seem to have as much life as it used to, then you may be lacking in antioxidants and other nutrients.

Using a lip scrub is a great way to give your body what it needs. The lips can better absorb the goodness in a treatment. Finding a healthy scrub isn’t always easy, but this one smells fantastic and is worth looking into. It has pistachio oil which has antiaging properties and plenty of Vitamin E too. Also, Acai oil is included which aids healing by adding moisture back.

Having enough vitamin E in your body every day is so important. Without sufficient supply, it isn’t able to heal itself as well, protect the skin from issues like excessive dryness and perhaps worst of all, offer little free radical protection. In a world filled with electronics, cell towers and radio waves, we all need as much protection as possible. Don’t wait until a problem occurs; instead, be proactive about your health regimen.

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