A 4,400-year-old Tomb Was Just Discovered In Egypt

A 4,400-year-old Tomb Was Just Discovered In Egypt

An ancient tomb of over 4,400-year old was found by archeologists near the famous pyramids of Ghiza, near Cairo, Egypt. Archeologists who made the discovery believe that the tomb belongs to a priest who has lived in the pharaohs age and had a special relationship with the royal family.

The tomb was built for Hetpet, the priestess of the goddess of fertility, Hathor, admitted the Minister Khaled al-Anani during a press conference that detailed the discovery.

The discovery was made in a cemetery near the famous pyramids of Giza by a team of Egyptian archeologists led by Mostafa Waziri, the secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

This cemetery shelters the graves of the high officials of the Fifth Dynasty of the Pharaohs (2494-2345 BC), some of which were excavated during the previous archaeological mission, according to the minister.

Archeologists were able to say the tomb was from the Fifth Dynasty because it presented the architectural tomb style tomb, the decorative paintings, some colorful murals, and the L-shaped entrance, all of which are characteristic of that era.

“Hetpet is represented in very well preserved wall paintings while fishing or hunting,” minister Khaled al-Anani stated during the press conference.

On the walls of the tomb, there are depicted musical and dancing scenes, and also two monkeys, which were the favorite domestic animals of that epoch.

In the past two years, Egypt has launched several archeological projects with the hope of discovering many treasures to revive its tourism industry which has been for hundreds of years one of the pillars of the Egyptian economy, but which suffered a lot from riots and the instability that characterized the country situation in the past years.

The recent discovery of Hetpet’s tomb is giving hopes to the archeologists and Egyptian officials that the history of Egypt will become, once again, an attraction for tourists.


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