4 Ways You Can Protect Your Lungs And Improve Respiratory Health

4 Ways You Can Protect Your Lungs And Improve Respiratory Health

Today, over 235 million people are living with asthma, according to WHO statistics. The lungs are crucial to the body, providing us with life-saving oxygen while simultaneously expelling harmful carbon dioxide from our system. It comes as no surprise to medical professionals that health tends to deteriorate when we adopt habits that damage the lungs, such as smoking or exposing ourselves to air pollutants. So how can we preserve our health and protect our lungs? Aside from seeking medical advice on how to maintain your health, here’s what you should know. 
Avoid Smoking And Other Harmful Pollutants
Smoking cigarettes has been proven by multiple studies to being a major cause of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Smoking can destroy the lining of your respiratory system, making it more prone to infections. Second-hand smoke has also been proven to be just as dangerous as the direct smoke is for the person with the cigarette. Air pollutants can also be a trigger for respiratory diseases such as asthma and other obstructive diseases that can have chronic effects. It is best to make your surrounding smoke free, especially at home or in your car.
Use Air Purifiers To Improve Your Breathing
Due to current safety guidelines such as social distancing and stay at home orders, people have been mostly staying at home in order to stay healthy. Staying indoors without proper ventilation, however, runs the risk of exposure to the build-up of unwanted air pollutants such as allergens, dust and pet dander, which can trigger respiratory diseases such as asthma. Many have considered holistic methods such as personal humidifiers and charcoal bags to help treat severe symptoms. However, that begs the question: do charcoal bags work? Charcoal bag air purifiers are often beneficial in a home environment as the charcoal is extremely effective in adsorbing elements from the air and providing clean air in the vicinity. This can improve overall breathing, remove odors, and decrease asthma attacks, alongside many other benefits.
Exercise To Help You Breathe Better
Aside from avoiding cigarettes, getting proper daily exercise is one of the best ways to help improve respiratory health. Just as physical fitness can keep your body in shape, it also helps keep your lungs in shape too. It allows you to keep your lungs working harder, resulting in more oxygen to fuel your muscles. In fact, the CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week to get the most benefits.
Protect Yourself From Further Risks Of Infection 
During these difficult times, everyone must take extra precautions in protecting their health. Simply wearing a mask is the most crucial and easiest thing a person can do to protect themselves from illness. This slows down the spread of diseases in the community and makes sure those that are at risk are protected from them. It is also important to wash hands often with soap and water or to disinfect your hand or belongings after being out in public to reduce your risks. 
A simple cold or other respiratory diseases can become very serious if not managed appropriately. Health professionals advise getting yearly flu vaccines to decrease your risks, and to get regular check-ups to help prevent diseases even if you are feeling healthy.

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