4 Tips To Look After a Paraplegic Family Member

4 Tips To Look After a Paraplegic Family Member

For many, taking care of a paraplegic family member never even crossed our minds. Still, unfortunately, the reality is, some individuals need this type of help from loved ones. It’s hard to think how something like this would affect the mentality of just about anyone. You’ll have to remain strong, not only for yourself but also for the person you’re looking after. When an incident occurs that leaves a loved one with paraplegia, you’ll have to start making some drastic changes. In most instances, these individuals need help with everything, from getting dressed to eating and medication. Of Course, when this happens to a loved one, most would jump in and start helping without even thinking about it. In this article, we’ll look at four tips that could help you when you have to take care of a paraplegic family member.

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1 Form a Habit

When you have to take care of yourself and another individual’s needs, it’ll feel like you have no time left for anything else. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case; if you form a habit of assisting the person with specific needs at certain times, you’ll get through everything you need to do much quicker once you’re used to the routine. It will be challenging, but you have to prepare yourself mentally; you can also reach out for additional help if you feel it’s necessary.

2 Home Modifications

Once you start taking care of a paraplegic individual, there’s no doubt about it that you’ll have to make some home modifications. The modifications will most likely depend on what state your paraplegic family member is in. These modifications may include ramps, railings in bathrooms, a unique bed, and much more. Having all the right equipment and home modifications will make the process much easier for you as the caretaker.

3 Special Equipment

When you start taking care of a paraplegic individual, you’ll also need some special equipment that will make it much less complicated. You can look at equipment like a wheelchair. However, you have to do some research before deciding on a specific one. You can look at plain wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, when you choose one, consider all the facts like how much it will be used, how much time it’ll spend outside and so forth. Other aspects like urinary catheters and pain medications could also make a considerable difference in the comfort of your loved one. 

4 Run Errands

Something else they won’t do is drive around; you can also expect to give up some of your fuel to get some chores done on their behalf. When they need something, it’s up to you to make trips to the shops, pharmacies, and hospitals to run their errands for them. Having to do this is nothing compared to what they’re facing, so it shouldn’t be a massive concern for a loving family member.

It might feel like too much at the same time, but when you figure out the best methods and get used to the habit, you’ll quickly learn to live and enjoy life with your loved one. Not anyone can do it, but if you genuinely love someone, you’ll make sure they’re comfortable all the time.

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