4 Tips On Feeling More Human After Baby Is Born

4 Tips On Feeling More Human After Baby Is Born

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences on earth. Seeing that precious being that you’ve created and instantly falling in love is a feeling that you simply cannot describe. However, with childbirth comes a lot of changes to your body and mind, and it can often leave new mothers feeling extremely out of sorts. Hormone changes during and just after child birth will cause you to have a plethora of emotions for what seems like no reason. It takes time for your body and mind to settle once your baby is born, but we’ve got some tips on how you can help yourself feel more human once your bundle of joy has arrived. 

Intimate areas

One thing is for sure; your lady bits will be affected by giving birth. Whether you’ve been torn during childbirth or not, the shape and feel of your intimate area will change. Some women don’t feel like this is an issue, however we understand that it can really knock your self confidence and prevent you from wanting to be intimate with your loved one. If this is something you’re looking on improving, take a look at the tightening gel by Amaira Skincare. This gel can help your intimate areas feel more normal. They use all natural ingredients and can also increase pleasure during sex. On the other hand, you may also need maternity undergarments, so choose wisely.

Sleep (or lack of it)

You already know that once baby is here your sleep pattern is likely to become non existent, and while this is all part of becoming a parent, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting as much sleep as possible. But how, we hear you ask? You’ve got a small baby to take care of and if they need you, sleep goes out of the window. The one great thing about having a baby is that family and friends will be more than willing to come by and see you both. Why not ask a trusted member of your family to watch your baby for an hour or two so that you can catch up on sleep?

Alternatively, setting up a rota with your significant other to do night feeds can really help make sure that both parents are getting a few comfortable nights of sleep each week. Remember that sleep is one of the most important things for your body and mind and without it, you won’t function as well as normal. Get as much sleep as possible for the sake of your health and also the care that you’re providing for your baby.

Adult conversation

Spending time with your baby is amazing. Having endless cuddles and watching them develop into their own little person is an incredible experience. However, pretty quickly you’re going to crave adult conversation and if your partner is at work, it’s easy to feel like you’re going slightly mad. Arrange to meet with friends for a coffee, or have a look out for baby groups in your area so that you can get some valuable adult conversation in. Or, if neither of these are viable options, pick up the phone and have a good natter to a friend or family member.

Me time

Taking care of a baby takes up a lot of your time, and even though they are small human beings, they may have you rushing back and forth all day long. We mentioned earlier that mental health can become an issue after childbirth, and if you’re not taking enough time for yourself this could contribute to some problems with your mental health. Taking me time doesn’t necessarily have to be for long periods of time, so any time that your baby is napping or in the care of someone else, take that time to do something for yourself. Whether that be taking an uninterrupted bath, watching some TV, or simply cooking the meal you’ve been craving for weeks, it will make a huge difference to how you’re feeling.

Remember that if you are feeling constantly low after having your baby, then it might be a little more than hormones affecting your body. Make an appointment to speak to your GP about your low mood and let them help you. It’s not uncommon for women to have the ‘baby blues’, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of either! The sooner you speak to your GP, the sooner you’ll feel more like yourself!

To conclude, having a baby can and will turn the way you feel upside down at one point or another, but if you make sure that you’re getting as much sleep as possible, taking time for yourself, and generally looking after yourself, you will find that you’re feeling more like yourself as each day passes!


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