4 Factors that Cause Drug Addiction in People

4 Factors that Cause Drug Addiction in People

Unfortunately, our society makes preconceptions about certain things and then stick to it. Drug addiction is also one of them! Most people associate drug addiction with a lack of moral values, impetuous attitude, and a weak personality. It might be true in some cases, but not all the time. There is a lot more to the phenomenon of drug addiction, which gets dusted by our pre-occupied perceptions.

Avoiding drug addiction or quitting it doesn’t only rely on the will power and intentions. Environment, mental condition, and many other factors play a major role in trapping and setting someone free from the cage of addiction. Here are given some reasons, other than our perceptions, that make people become a victim of drug addiction:

Environmental Factors:

Research show that a person having a family history of drug abuse is more likely to become victim to drug addiction than the person who hasn’t encountered drug addiction before. It means that the environment and surroundings have a huge impact on enabling drug addiction. The environment not only includes your family, friends, and company, it also includes economic status, locality, and relations with family members.

Peer pressure, stressful ambiance, abuse, and exposure to drugs are some of the environment triggered factors that enhance the probability of drug usage and addiction.

Mental Issues:

Mental issues are increasing in our society at a staggering rate, and people are using drugs to escape from them. Anxiety and depression that we never heard before have become life story of many people, and we often hear about them on public and healthcare forums.

The social fabric has changed, family structure is undergoing major changes, there is economic instability, acquiring education has become a battleground and there are technology-induced threats. All these factors are contributing to shoving people in the dreadful dale of mental issues; hence, drug abuse.

Biological Factors:

Why two siblings having a similar upbringing, physical environment, and condition respond differently to drug usage? Only one of them becomes addicted, while the other one lives a sober life? Well, that’s where biological factors come into action.

Many studies have proved that genetic predisposition has a role in triggering the desire for drug usage. Gender, genes determining certain mental conditions and disorders, and ethnicity have the potential to expose a person to addiction.

Behavioral Factors:

Some innate and timely developed behavior factors are also witnessed to stimulate drug usage. For instance, some people have a curious nature; they like to explore and dig out things more than others. Whereas some people are less resistant, they easily get influenced by other people. Similarly, some people easily get agitated once triggered by others to take a challenge. All these behavioral factors can become a cause of drug addiction in people any of such behavioral trait.

Drug addiction is a growing concern in our society due to many factors. However, whatever is the case, a strong family structure, parent’s guidance and check on children’s behavioral change can play a huge role in saving them from getting drug-addicted.


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