3 Ways to Bust Stress Using Cannabis

3 Ways to Bust Stress Using Cannabis

The legal use of cannabis, either as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or as cannabidiol (CBD), continues to grow. Several studies have shown results vouching for it as a popular remedy beyond recreational use.

As a result, more users turn to it for medicinal reasons rather than enjoying it as a purely social experience. More than half of the respondents in a 2017 study said they use cannabis for stress management.

This article looks into how best to use this hemp-derived extract for relaxation purposes and help control anxiety. 

Short-Term Use

It’s been scientifically proven that the use of cannabis can reduce short-term levels of stress and anxiety. It’s, however, essential to understand that it could contribute to feelings of depression over an extended time.

The best way to ensure you balance the pros and cons is to start with small doses and monitor your experience and reaction. Remember, it’s personal and subjective, so keep track of how you feel before and after taking it.

Once you start seeing a pattern or positive results, you can experiment some more. This doesn’t always mean increasing the dosage. It could mean ingesting it a different way, added in food rather than smoking it, or trying a new strain or another variety of terpenes.



Terpenes are oils found in plants, and it gives it its unique and distinctive smell. These are also present in THC and CBD, and you’ll notice a clear difference depending on the strain.

They’re either soothing or stimulating and determine the flavor profile or the variety of genus. The Sativa ones tend to be more citrus-like, much like lemons and give a refreshing or uplifting feeling. 

The Indica terpenes are associated with pine or lavender fragrances. They have anti-inflammatory capabilities, making it suitable as a treatment for pain relief.

It’s again important to be mindful that your body’s unique chemistry will determine how you’ll react once inhaled or ingested. This will help you decide which cannabinoid aroma works best for your circumstances and stress levels.

Starter Packs

Now that you know what’s working for your mind and body, you can explore alternatives. Look for a company that offers a great solution with starter packs or pre-packed combinations. 

This gives you a variety of strains, hybrids, and ratios to play with. For example, you can adjust it to add a little more THC, which gives you the ‘high’ or feeling of euphoria. Or rather go for added CBD, the component that calms you.

Note that adjusting the combination of strains and terpenes doesn’t always mean a larger quantity in total. If your dosage is too high and potent, it may leave you feeling ‘on edge’ rather than less anxious, and it’ll lose its therapeutic benefits.

It’s vital to know potential side effects and how this interacts with medication or other substances. Consult a medical professional or a qualified cannabis clinician before concocting a new dosage to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Check out for cannabis dispensary near me.

Key Takeaways

The medicinal powers of cannabis have been evident in the treatment of stress and anxiety. While there’s no exact science as to which dosage will best benefit each individual, it’s ideal to start with it as a short-term option.

Once you’ve tried a few strains, jot down your reactions, mood, and mindset. Do this before and after you use it. Take note of the terpenes present to determine what works for your condition. You can also try la familia edibles and see if these work for you.

Take care not to increase the total dosage but rather adjust the ratios until you find your ideal blend. It’s sensible to consult your doctor or a reputable cannabis treatment practice for advice about side effects and possible contraindications with other medications.


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