3 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Mobile Games

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Mobile Games

For decades now, studies have been proving that playing video games can have a variety of positive effects on our health. They have been known to reduce depression, relieve stress and even improve how our brain functions; all things that are incredibly important and impressive.

Over the last few years, mobile games have become just as popular as video games, which led us to wonder: are mobile games as powerful as video games when it comes to health? Here’s what we discovered:

1. Mobile Games Improve Mood

Angry Birds at Game Design Expo 2011” (CC BY 2.0) by vancouverfilmschool

Human beings have always flourished through competition, and mobile games have made this easier to do than ever. Just a few taps, a good game and a win is all it takes to beat skilled opponents, unlock rewards and overcome seemingly impossible odds. If you’re a big fan of games like Angry Birds or Temple Run, you will surely recognize that feeling of triumph that washes over you when you finally beat that level, yes?

That very feeling is so prominent in modern culture that researchers have dedicated years to figure it out. For instance, in 2014, a study revealed a correlation between the number of hours spent playing a game and stress reduction. Even before that, in 2009, the Journal of Cybertherapy & Rehabilitation published a research paper that found even casual gamers can reduce depression and stress while boosting their mood just by playing games. When we put these two studies together, it’s clear that no matter how little or how much you play games, they’re sure to improve your mood.

2. They Help Hone Your Social Skills

If we were to look at the history of games, one thing that is consistently being developed alongside graphics and mechanics is in-game communication. This is true of video games, online games and now mobile games. Mobile apps often allow you to connect through Facebook so you can play and chat with your friends, while other games have in-built chat systems. Some mobile games such as the Mr Green app, the smartphone download counterpart to the online casino, even host live games where people from across the world can all play titles such as roulette, blackjack and poker, interacting with dealers should they need to. The ability to continue communicating even while playing mobile games is incredibly important, as humans are a social species, and improving our social skills is key to our happiness.

3. Apps Make Your Brain More Agile

Finally, we have perhaps the most documented pro of playing games there is. Whether it’s video games or mobile games, they are known to sharpen your brain significantly– especially if you are reaching old age. They improve special awareness, reaction time, memory and keep your brain active in a way that other media such as TV, films and even reading cannot. Gaming apps that fall into specific genres such as puzzles, vocabulary or memory can have even greater impacts, with games like Words With Friends helping millions of people to boost their brain power.

With the introduction of mobile apps, playing games is no longer seen as a waste of time or something that only people on the fringes of pop culture enjoy. As time goes on, we’re sure that even more positive effects of playing mobile games will become apparent.


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