3 Natural and Effective Ways to Fight Fatigue

3 Natural and Effective Ways to Fight Fatigue

When you were a kid, you could go-go-go all day long and still resist going to bed at night.

Now that you are—ahem—a bit older, you are finding that most days, you feel more tired than energetic. You have been dozing off on the couch during your favorite shows, you have less pep in your step, and you are having trouble completing your daily to do list.

After visiting your doctor for a checkup and learning that you are in great overall health—in other words, there is no underlying physical issue contributing to your fatigue—you are bound and determined to find some natural approaches to feeling more energetic.

Sound familiar? If this resonates with you, please consider the following three methods to successfully battle fatigue:

Get More Exercise

If you feel tired, you might assume that you should spend more time lounging on the couch resting. Actually, it is much better to break up your long periods of time sitting with short bursts of exercise. When you exercise, you will typically sleep better at night, and it will also give your cells an increase in energy to burn, according to Health.Harvard.edu. Exercising will also cause the release of stress hormones that can help to boost your energy levels. You don’t have to drag yourself to the gym for some super-long workout—go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood, jog and down your stairs several times, do calisthenics at home, and park further away from the grocery store or mall than you usually do.

Take a High-Quality Multi-Vitamin

The expression “You are what you eat” is definitely truer than many people want to admit. If you eat a lot of fast food or skip meals, you are probably not getting all of the nutrients that your body needs to feel energetic. To ensure that you are getting proper nutrition, even on those days when your diet is less than ideal, consider adding a high-quality multi-vitamin to your daily routine. For instance, the Nutrilite line of vitamins and supplements from Amway is a great option; they are made from plant concentrates, many from plants grown right on Amway’s own certified organic farms.

As a bonus, you may end up feeling so much better taking a multi-vitamin on a regular basis that you will feel inspired to share your enthusiasm with others. Since you will probably feel less fatigued and might even have the energy to take on new tasks, you could even sell the Nutrilite vitamins to others as a side business. If this idea appeals to you, Amway has posted a video titled “Making Money with Amway—How to be Your Own Boss” on YouTube that covers the ins and outs of getting started with the company.

Up Your H2O

Dehydration can definitely cause you to feel fatigued. Also, if your body is low on water, you might not sleep as well due to a dry mouth and nasal passages, which lead to snoring and leg cramps—two things that can definitely interfere with solid snooze time. Fortunately, you don’t have to drink sugary electrolyte drinks—good old plain water is all that you need to re-hydrate and reduce fatigue. To encourage you to drink more water, consider treating yourself to an insulated water bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. If you feel overwhelmed by the numerous choices, Amazon offers a handy guide to some of the best insulated water bottles that are currently available.

You’ll Feel Better in No Time

It’s good to know that you don’t have to drink tons of caffeine or try other less-than-healthy methods to fight fatigue. By getting more movement into your day, adding a multi-vitamin for nutritional insurance and drinking lots of water, you should be well on your way to feeling less tired all of the time and more like the energetic kid from your past.


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