25 Percent of COVID Survivors Will Deal with Long-Lasting Symptoms, Says a New Study on Almost Two Million Participants

25 Percent of COVID Survivors Will Deal with Long-Lasting Symptoms, Says a New Study on Almost Two Million Participants

The classic COVID symptoms are known by everyone, whether we’re talking about the shortness of breath, fatigue, fever, or joint pain. The disease can even lead to death, as it had already done in the case of more than 3.8 million people, according to worldometers.info. Some of the symptoms could stick around for a pretty long time even if the patient recovers from COVID.

The Hill brings the worrying news of long-lasting COVID symptoms, as a detailed report suggests that about 25 percent of COVID patients continue to deal with side effects at least one month after they’ve received the initial diagnosis.

Almost two million COVID patients surveyed

More than 1.9 million patients were observed for the new study, and they weren’t suffering from any serious comorbidities. After gathering data from health care systems and private claim records from the US, the conclusion was that 23.2 percent of the COVID patients would also have one post-COVID condition, as a report from FAIR Health reveals.

As for the patients who needed hospitalization, half of them had some type of post-COVID condition. The most common symptoms after COVID were breathing problems, fatigue, pain, malaise, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

“The findings in this report are significant for all individuals who have long-haul COVID, as well as for providers, payors and policy makers,” the researchers involved in the study said. “Additionally, FAIR Health hopes that these findings will be starting points for further research in this field.”

As for heart inflammation, it was also found to be pretty prominent as an aftereffect. It was found more among men than in the case of women.

Until now, according to official data, more than 177 million COVID infections were reported across the globe, but the recent numbers are granting some hope that humanity is close to defeat the ongoing pandemic.


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