15 New Alien Worlds Discovered Recently

15 New Alien Worlds Discovered Recently

Recently, the researchers have discovered 15 new planets in the Universe. They are found around some cool stars called ‘red dwarfs’. What’s even more amazing is the fact that one of these exoplanets might have liquid water on the surface.

More Impressive Science News

In a study that was released recently, the researchers combined the data they obtained through the telescope with some follow-up investigation. They tried to observe various red dwarfs. For those of you who may not know, a red dwarf is a dim star that has between 7.5 – 50% the mass of the sun. The team that made the study spotted 3 exoplanets around the dwarf star K2-155.

This, which is the outermost planet they found, is found within the habitable zone of the planet, according to the researchers. The habitable zone refers to an area where the planets that orbit there can hold liquid water on them.

Where Did They Get the Information from?

The team of researchers relied on the observations coming from the NASA Kepler spacecraft. This was its second mission, named K2. Moreover, they also used ground-based telescopes, such as the Nordic Optical Telescope in Spain and the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii. Thus, they managed to gather information about 15 exoplanets.

Furthermore, they created a 3D climate simulation to find out whether the K2-155d can have water on the surface. The results were quite impressive. Indeed, they found out that the exoplanet can hold water in a liquid state on the surface. However, the researchers declared that they are staying cautious. They are waiting to see further analysis that confirms the initial finding. The research is barely starting with the red dwarf systems, especially with the coolest ones, which is why there are great hopes for the future. In April this year, NASA should launch another mission, called Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).


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