12 Food Inventions and Ideas That Are Now the Best on the Market

12 Food Inventions and Ideas That Are Now the Best on the Market

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of awesome food inventions and innovations. There are very good ideas when it comes to cooking, eating or buying. So stay with us for the best 12 inventions that will make you want to stand and try them all.

Chicken and fries in a bowl, on a cup with a straw

Everyone likes fries with fried chicken. Everyone also likes a drink with those. So there you have it. It’s all in one place, in a cup, with a straw – the chicken and the fries in a bowl. What else do you need more?

Food cone and table holder double team

There are many restaurants which serve their food in cones. It’s actually very common in the UK. Sometimes, you even get to eat with very fragile wooden forks. But one restaurant, in particular, uses shaped holes for cones placed in the table in order for people to rest their hands.

3 in 1 toaster oven, coffee maker, and griddle

You can now make the breakfast even perfect, by preparing it faster. You can cook your bacon and your eggs, warm a pastry aliment and brew your coffee – all at the same time, in the same place.

A ketchup stand

Perhaps, on some food, people like to pour ketchup. However, we know how annoying it is to do it sometimes. There’s a ketchup stand that’s ready to let the ketchup fall and is it here to help you anytime.

Bubble waffle maker

This one is a very good waffle maker that’s very popular in Hong Kong. It’s not something to miss, and it’s very easy to use.

Heart shaped waffles

Well, isn’t this lovely? You’ll also be thrilled to find out that it comes with a stick. Do it for the person you love – it’s romantic and tasty, for other ideas, try the culinarylab.

Chewing gum disposal papers

After people eat, sometimes they choose to chew gum. However, when they’re done with it, they don’t swallow it. And you shouldn’t spit it on the floor, either. There are some gum packages that come with papers to wrap them after you’re done with them before disposal.

Microwave bacon cooker

All you have to do for this one is this addition to our list of the mega food inventions helps you “healthy” microwave your bacon in style. Put the bacon on the side of it, put it in the microwave. Then you have to wait for a bit. The machine will pour off the fat, and the result is cooked bacon, but without all the fat.

Bacon bowl

You make a bowl out of bacon. Then you fill it with whatever you need. Then you eat it. And then there’s nothing left to wash after. C’mon now, everything can taste good in a bacon bowl.

Lego table tracking

Everyone loves Lego; it’s fun to play it. But did you know that it can be used for other stuff, too?

There’s a certain restaurant that makes the construction blocks into table management aid.  Imagine eating on Lego tables.

Skull fried egg mold

We present you now a skull-shaped mold in which you can fry your eggs. Why not add some bacon and some cheese, too? You’ll eat like a pirate.

Barcode microwave cooking

It’s obvious that you won’t be cooking barcodes, but how about having a microwave that knows (and shows) how long it takes for your food to microwave your meal?

This microwave lets you scan the barcode from the package, and it will tell you the approximate time of cooking.


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