11 Beauty Foods Which Can Promote Hair Health

11 Beauty Foods Which Can Promote Hair Health

People want a healthy, strong hair that enhances their overall appearance. Interestingly, the health of your hair depends on a lot of factors such as age, diet, and genetics. Genetics and age cannot be controlled. However, there’s one thing you can — diet.

Consuming the proper diet that contains the right nutrients can promote healthy hair and enhance hair growth. Aside from maintaining a healthy diet, a lot of experts like Vera Clinic can help you with your hair problems including hair loss.

You can also take responsibility of consuming beauty foods listed below:

Fatty Fish

Fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines are filled with omega-3 fatty acids. Your body can’t produce these healthy fats. That’s why it is recommended that you get these fatty acids from foods and supplements. Omega-3 fatty acid helps prevent diseases and will keep your hair shiny and grow more.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is filled with protein, your hair’s building blocks. In addition, this food contains pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) — a staple among hair and skin care products. This B vitamin promotes the flow of blood towards your scalp. It also enhances hair growth and prevents hair thinning and hair loss.


Guava is a tropical fruit that is packed with loads of vitamin C that prevents hair breakage. A small cup of guava contains 377 mg of the vitamin. That’s over 4x the minimum daily recommended amount of vitamin C.


Dark green leafy vegetables are packed with vitamins and spinach is not an exception. It contains vitamin A, beta carotene, iron, vitamin C, and folate. All of these are combined to provide you a healthy mane and scalp. Your hair is moisturized to avoid breakage. Spinach is an excellent food against brittle hair, and it wouldn’t hurt to mix it up with another vegetable, kale.

Lean Poultry

If you lack protein in your system, the growth of your hair stops. Combine this with old hair falling out, and you can experience hair loss. To get lots of protein, pick lean meat from turkey or chicken. They contain a relatively lesser amount of saturated fat compared to pork and beef.


Cinnamon is a great beauty ingredient that is known to have benefits for skin, hair, and even lips. It is best sprinkled on top of favorite foods such as toast, oatmeal, and coffee. Cinnamon helps with circulation or blood flow that provides nutrients and oxygens to one’s hair follicles.

Sweet Potatoes

This sweet delight can help you battle dry hair. They are packed with the antioxidant beta-carotene. Your body processes beta-carotene and turns it into vitamin A which protects your hair against dryness and dullness by secreting sebum.


Eggs are filled with both iron and protein which can promote healthy hair. This breakfast staple contains biotin which enhances hair growth. Biotin is essential for treating hair loss.


Oysters have zinc — a mineral necessary to avoid hair loss even on eyelashes. The cells responsible for building hair significantly depends on zinc to help them work hard. Aside from oysters, zinc can also be found in crab, beef, lobster, and fortified cereal.


Nuts are very delicious and convenient to eat. Plus, they contain a lot of nutrients that promote the growth of hair. An example would be almonds — an ounce contains an impressive 37% of your daily need of vitamin E.

These tasty treats give you a variety of B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and zinc. Deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to hair loss. Nuts are convenient and easily added to your diet as you can take them anywhere you go.


A very tasty shellfish, shrimp are known to be excellent sources of B vitamins, protein, vitamin D, and iron. An ounce of it provides you with about 38% of vitamin D. Shrimps also contain omega-3 fatty acids which help improve your hair growth.

In Conclusion

Multiple healthy foods contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to promote healthy hair. From convenient, easy-to-munch nuts to sumptuous oysters and shrimp, a variety of food can help you acquire a wide range of nutrients to help improve your hair and give you the luscious strands you want.


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