101 Guide: What are SARMS?

101 Guide: What are SARMS?

Short for ‘Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator’  – SARMS are often marketed and sold as ‘the safe steroids’. Well, they do resemble anabolic steroids in some ways. But, the two are completely poles apart.

For one thing, anabolic steroids are highly dangerous. Here’s why:

When you consume them – they interact with androgenic receptors in the brain and tell them to start growing muscles. As a result, you gain more muscles. But, on the flip side, their effects are not limited to just muscle growth.

They don’t know how to interact ONLY with androgen receptors. Anabolic steroids bind to all different receptors in the brain. Meaning, it confuses your brain in all sorts of ways and it starts doing a bunch of different things. As a result, it can impact any organ (liver, kidneys, gallbladder, etc.) severely.

With SARMS, the story is a little different because they are ‘selective’. Meaning, these supplements only interact with androgen receptors which are responsible for muscle growth. This way, they are much, much safer than steroids.

If you consume this supplement and put in a lot of hard work, you should see results like – better muscle growth, fat cutting, and bulking. But, you should remember that SARMS are unregulated drugs/supplements. So, even though they are mild, you may still experience some side-effects. This is why it’s important to stay educated before using them.

Pros and Cons of SARMS


  • Much safer than anabolic steroids
  • Fewer side-effects
  • Good for building muscles rapidly
  • Helpful in cutting and bulking
  • Good for energy levels


  • These are unregulated supplements/drugs/research chemicals
  • It can be hard to establish the purity and safety of the product
  • There can still be unpredictable side-effects of SARMS
  • Depending on usage, they could be pretty expensive
  • It could dramatically decrease testosterone levels

Popular SARMS


This is the most affordable, mildest, and one of the oldest SARMS in the market you can get your hands on. If you are a beginner who wants to dabble into the world of SARMS as supplements, Ostarine (MK-2866) is the best one, to begin with. This is perfect for cutting and fat loss.

Here’s what you can expect with this supplement –

  • Helps protect muscles when you’re in a calorie deficit phase.
  • Good for fat cutting when you’re trying to build muscles
  • Not too aggressive on the body even for those who have apparently low testosterone levels
  • Mild on the body that it may not even need PCT therapy afterward
  • Has a short half-life, making it safe for everyday use

Think of Ostarine as an entry point into the world of SARM supplementation.


This particular SARM was designed specifically for managing illnesses that result in muscle wastage. It is also one of the recent developments in this world and it’s not too old.

However, since it’s a rather modern offering, there’s not enough real-world data or clinical research. That’s one downside you may want to remember.

Here are some things to know about Testolone –

  • This is a potent SARM
  • Dosing needs to be very low
  • It could inhibit the production of testosterone drastically
  • The half-life of Testolone is short
  • Good for muscle gains
  • More potent than human testosterone

Once again, this is a powerful SARM that could lead to suppression. It is important to keep the dosing minimal (especially if you are a beginner) and watch out for any signs of side-effects.


This is another SARM which is an excellent cutting tool. When stacked with Ostarine, it could help you shed extra fat super easily while keeping your muscles protected.

But, be careful because this is ten times more powerful than Ostarine.

Here are a few important characteristics of Lingadrol as a SARM –

  • Good for getting rid of excess fat in a short period
  • Stick with less than 10mg of dosing
  • Could lead to suppression
  • Half-life is longer than most SARMS

SARMS in Bodybuilding

SARMS for Cutting

Every bodybuilder needs to do the ‘cutting’ now and then. If you need something to help you aggressively with fat cutting, then you can stack a bunch of SARMS. These supplements are the best approach to cutting.

For cutting, you will need to stack – Ostarine, Cardarine, and Andrarine for a 6-week cycle followed by a 4-week PCT. For PCT, you will need a different supplement.

This particular stacking works because you get the maintenance and cutting power of Ostarine and the energy of Cardarine. From Andarine, you get muscle building, performance, and energy.

SARMS for Bulking

The best stacking combination in SARMS for bulking is – MK – 677, RAD – 140, YK – 11. After six weeks of stacking, you will need 4 weeks of PCT if you need Bulking.

This is a powerful stacking which if you follow for 6 weeks, should give you excellent bulking results. However, the results will largely depend on your hard work and the quality of your diet. As a side-effect, you may experience suppressed testosterone levels so you have to be careful.

SARMS for Fat Loss

Strength is super crucial when you are just starting. It’s not uncommon for people to first go for a cutting stack, followed by strength training, and then a powerful bulking stack that lasts several cycles.

SARMs can be pretty useful for strength training initially. However, you need to be careful of any signs of suppression.

Where to Buy SARMS?

This is the tricky part. Because as a supplement/drug SARMS are unregulated, meaning they are not quality-checked before sending into markets. That makes it tough to vouch for their quality. This puts the responsibility entirely on the users’ shoulders.

However, after careful analysis and research, we would recommend that you start with Select Sarms. This is one of the most reliable names in this arena. It has a money-back guarantee and user reviews are also promising. All the products on the website are lab-tested by 3rd parties so you get an assurance for a quality product.

Are SARMs legal?

While anabolic steroids are completely illegal, SARMS are ‘not illegal’. However, it doesn’t mean they are legal and allowed for selling and human consumption. However, companies have been able to get around his legality using loopholes and most SARMS are only available online.

You should know that human trials and research are lacking for SARMS and the FDA has not approved them. But, technically you can use them because they are not illegal either.


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