100 Great Gender Neutral Baby Names

100 Great Gender Neutral Baby Names

It’s 2022 and nowadays, more and more people are choosing to name their babies gender neutral names. In fact, they have been all the rage for a few years now and it makes sense as to why!

By picking a non-binary name for your little one, you can ensure that it’s going to sound unique and unexpected enough while also not putting your child into a box of gender roles as they grow up, allowing them to express themselves in a freer way, especially if they do actually end up identifying as non-binary.

While in the past, parents used to go for vintage, classic and ultra feminine names for their daughters as well as traditionally male, powerful names for their sons, there is no question that the lines between these once clear categories have been blurred.

In other words, now whatever works for a little girl will do just fine for a boy and the other way around!

Of course, that’s not to say that any name can work for either sex but there are quite a few you can choose from that are gender neutral with no strong association with either the male or female genders.

One of the main reasons why modern parents go for unisex names is that they want to ensure that their offspring are allowed more gender fluidity as they grow up, not being strongly limited by their feminine or masculine names.

This choice may also ensure that your child will never have to go through gender stereotyping by other people before even meeting them in person.

After all, many have been making their opinions of gendered toys and colors clear for years but the same issue counts when it comes to names as they can be just as defining as a blue toy car or a blonde Barbie doll wearing a pink dress.

Besides, choosing a name for your unborn child is undoubtedly hard work and a lot of research, especially if you don’t know the sex yet!

With that being said, picking a few great options that work for both sexes rather than making two separate lists – one of girl names and another of boy names – sounds like such a great idea!

At the same time, the celebrity factor could be another reason why gender neutral names have been growing in popularity since many celebs tend to go for unique names for their bundles of joy, that don’t usually have any associations with any gender.

Naturally, their fans are quick to follow and next thing you know, a new era of baby names is here!

For instance, actress Blake Lively, who has a gender neutral name herself, named her daughter with Ryan Reynolds, James, a traditionally masculine name!

Another example of a celebrity with a unisex name keeping the naming tradition is Cameron Diaz, whose daughter is named Raddix.

And, of course, someone everybody thinks of when it comes to genderless names is Kim Kardashian who named her children with former husband Kanye West, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

At the end of the day, the reason why you’ve been looking for gender neutral names for your future baby is less important.

Maybe you want to avoid unnecessary gender associations or you’re just drawn to those kinds of monikers, or you wish to follow in the footsteps of your favorite celeb – either way, here you can find an extensive list of some of the most unique and beautiful gender neutral names!

Just check them out along with their origins and meanings and hopefully, at the end of this guide, you’ll have found the perfect non-binary name for your bundle of joy!

And to make things even easier for you, as well as more comprehensive and exciting, they are all neatly organized in a few different categories such as names inspired by places, celebrity inspired, contemporary names and more!

Geography Gender Neutral Names

That’s right! You may or may not have figured out by now that quite a lot of the most popular gender neutral names floating around nowadays are inspired by names of different places in the world, including names of counties, cities or even streets.

And it’s no surprise as to why! After all, these names tend to suit both boys and girls so if you’re looking for a gender neutral name that is linked to a special place in the world, you may consider one of the following:

  1. Albany.This name comes from Latin and means “from the ancient Latin city of Alba Longa or of Alba.” Of course, you may also know it as the country of Albany today. It’s a beautiful moniker that suits any gender baby!
  2. Adrian is another Latin name and means “from Hadria.” While this moniker works just as it is for either a boy or a girl, it’s generally more associated with male names. However, no worries, a great, more feminine version of it is Adrienne!
  3. Devan is a wonderful, gender neutral English name that means “divine.” Who wouldn’t want to raise a little future god or goddess? 
  4. Egyptis yet another country’s name that suits both boys and girls and comes from Greek, meaning “temple of the soul of Ptah.”
  5. Indiana is an English name and means “land of the Indians.”
  6. London is one of the most popular cities in the world but also means “fortress” so if you are planning on raising a strong, confident child, London is an amazing option!
  7. Sydney is an elegant name of French origin that means “Saint Denis.” An equally beautiful variation is Sidney.
  8. Sky is definitely one of the most popular unisex names today and there is no surprise as to why! Not only does it remind people of the beautiful vast blue but it actually designates a place as well in its original meaning “of the Isle of Skye.” A wonderful variation of this name can be Skyeif you want to make it a little more unique.
  9. West has been growing in popularity as well and literally means “lives in the West.” 

Contemporary Gender Neutral Names

This category of unisex names includes a lot of those monikers that just roll right off the tongue!

Furthermore, most of the modern gender neutral names out there come with the insurance that your child will most likely not have to share their name with any other young ones in their class, helping them stand out and be easily remembered.

  1. Angel– What better name to call your little angel than – Angel? It only makes sense! This word comes from Greek and means “messenger.”
  2. Alex has Greek origins as well and means “protector” so if you wish to raise a strong, reliable child regardless of their sex, this is a great choice whether you’re having a girl or a boy! As you may know, Alex is a shortened form of the masculine name Alexander and the feminine name Alexandra.
  3. Aqua is of Latin origins and means “blue” or “water” so there is no doubt that it’s a beautiful option.
  4. Aphracomes from Hebrew, meaning “ashes” or “dust” and is a cool, unique moniker for a child regardless of their sex.
  5. Arielmay be reminding you of The Little Mermaid but in reality, it doesn’t have to be a girl’s name. It comes from Hebrew, meaning “lion of God” so it inspires a lot of power and fierceness.
  6. Arinmeans “enlightened” in Hebrew so it’s ideal if you are planning on raising a smart cookie! It is a more unique form of the masculine name Aaron and the feminine name Erin, although the latter works just as great for a boy as well!
  7. Asheris a name of Hebrew origins and means “happy” or “blessed” so if all you want for your bundle of joy is for them to grow up a lucky, joyful person, this is a really good one to put on that list of options.
  8. Ashis a shorter version of Asher, perfect for parents who prefer one syllable names for their little ones and it has the same meaning.
  9. Aubrey– If you are a fan of the fantasy story genre, you might really like this name since it means “elf ruler.” How cool is that? Or, you could also go for Avery since it means “Elven ruler!” Equally as cool!
  10. Augustcomes from Latin and means “great.” What more could you want? Its meaning says all!
  11. Blairmay be more popular as a girl name nowadays but there is no rule you can’t use it for a boy as well! In fact, it might just make it more unique and you’ll rest assured that your little one won’t have to share his name with someone else in his class. It has Scottish origins and means “dweller on the path.”
  12. Bretton the other hand, is more preferred as a male moniker but could work just as well, if not better, for a little girl. It’s of Celtic origins and simply means “someone from Brittany, France” or “a Breton.”
  13. Elliscomes from Hebrew and means “for God.”
  14. Ellisonis a beautiful moniker as well and simply means “son of Elias.” While it may be more meaningful if one of the parents is names Elias, of course, that is definitely not a requirement! The baby being a “son” or not is also not a concern!
  15. Emerson– Another name linked to the parent’s name in its old English origins, Emerson means “child of Emery” but that’s of little importance as long as you like it and feel like it will suit your little one.
  16. Floriancomes from the Latin word for “blooming” and while it’s mostly used as a name for a boy, it will make for a unique girl moniker as well!
  17. Kaiis a beautiful one syllable unisex Japanese name that means “forgiveness.”
  18. Novais getting more and more popular and for a good reason! This name comes from Latin and means “new!”
  19. Phoenixis also one of many parents’ favorite thanks to the mythical bird that gets reborn from its own ashes. Sure enough, this meaningful word comes from Greek and means “reborn.”
  20. Quinnis of Irish origins and means “wise one” or “fifth” so it could be a really good idea if you have a big family and are welcoming your number 5!
  21. Rileyis one of the most popular gender neutral names out there nowadays and there is no surprise as to why! After all, it means “courageous” in Irish. For more options, this moniker has a couple of spelling variations including Ryley and Reilly.
  22. Rumiis of Japanese origins and means “flow” or “beauty.”
  23. Skylarcomes from the Dutch word meaning “giving shelter.”
  24. Sheameans “courteous” and is of Irish origins. As a variation, you could also go for Shay instead!
  25. Stormand variations of this name have been getting more and more popular for both male and female babies ever since Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi was born. It comes from English and means “tempest.”
  26. Sunny– At the opposite end of the weather spectrum is Sunny, a sweet, hopeful unisex name that means “cheerful!”
  27. Tarianis a strong, gender neutral Welsh name meaning “shield” so it’s perfect if you want your little one to grow up to become a protector.
  28. Valentinemay sound romantic thanks to the popular holiday but in the original Latin, it also means “strong” so it’s a name that will attract power and stability.

38 Wren has been getting back in fashion and for a good reason! It’s a beautiful one syllable name that means “bird.”

Occupation Inspired Unisex Names

If you want to somehow influence the future of your baby as far as their career of choice is concerned, you might want to try doing that by picking an occupation-based moniker to describe them!

If you’ve considered that before, or are intrigued hearing about it just now, here are a few great ideas to choose from!

  1. Chandler is quite a well-known name thanks to the beloved character in the beloved ’90s sitcom “Friends” but not many people know that it is of French origins and means “candle maker.”
  2. Lyric is quite a new, but beautiful name that means “song” so if you wish for your little one to have a future in the music industry, this could be the ideal name for them!
  3. Painter is of English origins and, as you must’ve figured out, it means “one who paints” but it actually also means “graceful,” and “strong.” The best of both worlds!
  4. Poet is another obvious one that means “one who writes verse.”
  5. Sawyer is a strong name that means “wood sawing.”
  6. Taylor is perhaps one of the most well known gender neutral names out there as you can surely think of at least a couple of people of both genders named Taylor. It comes from the English word for “garment maker” so maybe your little one will grow to become a famous fashion designer?

Nature Inspired Gender Neutral Names

Picking a nature based name does not mean it has to be some sort of delicate flower, usually more fitting for little girls. You could use anything in nature as a beautiful, strong moniker for both genders that will maybe lead to them having a special love for nature!

Here are some great ideas and what they mean!

  1. Ainsley is of Scottish origins and means “Ann’s Meadow.” Furthermore, there are quite a few different variations including Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Aynsley and Ainslie so you have plenty of choices as far as spelling is concerned!
  2. Acer comes from Latin and means “maple tree” but also “number one!” Basically, this is how you know you’ll be raising a winner!
  3. Anise is a wonderful gender neutral name that means “spice.”
  4. Bailey means “bailiff” or “steward” and there are even a few nice variations including Baileigh and Bailee for you to choose from!
  5. Bambi means “child.” A possible spelling variation is Bambie.
  6. Bay comes from English, meaning “sea inlet.”
  7. Briar is of French origins and means “heather.”
  8. Channing is of Irish origins and means “young wolf.”
  9. Fox is a powerful one syllable name that simply means “fox” – yes, like the cool animal!
  10. Hayden means “from the hedged valley” and, as a variation, you could go for Haydyn instead.
  11. Glen has Scottish origins and means “from the secluded valley.” If you want a different spelling, an accepted variation is Glenn.
  12. Monroe comes from the Irish word for “red marsh.”
  13. Marley means “from the lake meadow.”
  14. Morgan means “bright sea.”
  15. Perry is a moniker that comes from English and means “lives by the pear tree.” There are also several available spelling variations including Peri, Perrie and Perri.
  16. Oakley means “from the oak tree meadow.”
  17. Ripley also comes from English and means “loud man’s meadow.”
  18. River is a beautiful gender neutral name that means “tranquil water.”
  19. Robin is of German origins and means “fame.” You could also pick the spelling Robyn.
  20. Sage comes from Latin and means “wise.”
  21. Rowan means “of the trees” and is of English origins.

Traditional Unisex Names

While non-binary names appear to be a rather new concept, that is not to say you should be forced to go for super modern monikers for your little one.

In other words, you could still pick a more traditional, old-fashioned name that sounds just as good for girls as it does for boys and the other way around!

These older names usually inspire a lot of elegance and respect and they tend to be really classy and beautiful. Here are some of the best out there:

  1. Addison comes from English and means “Son of Adam.” Naturally, it works really well as a tribute to the father if he’s named Adam but it’s not a requirement, of course.
  2. Alexis comes from Latin and means “to defend.”
  3. Andy is Greek and means “brave.” This is a rather common name so if you like it but would prefer a more unique spelling, variations include Andee and Andi.
  4. Allie is Celtic and means “little rock,” “harmony” or “peace.” Variations to choose from are Ali, Aly and Ally.
  5. Billy means “resolute protector.” A popular spelling variation is Billie.
  6. Cameron is Scottish and means “crooked nose.”
  7. Casey comes from Irish and means “observant.”
  8. Corey is also an Irish moniker that means “from the hollow.” Popular spelling variations are Kori, Cory and Kory.
  9. Darrel means “darling” and you might also want to consider the spelling variations Darryl and Darrell.
  10. Dominique is of French origin and means “of the Lord.” This spelling is usually used in the naming of female babies but there is also a masculine variation – Dominic.
  11. Drew may mean “manly” but it’s actually a really great gender neutral name so don’t hesitate to name your little girl this moniker.
  12. Francis comes from Latin and means “liberated.” As a variation in spelling, you could also go for Frances.
  13. Frankie is a French name meaning “free one.”
  14. Gabriel comes from Hebrew and means “hero of God.” This is usually the masculine spelling while the equivalent, Gabrielle, is more suitable for girls.
  15. Jamie is Hebrew and means “supplanter.” Spelling variations are Jayme and Jaimie.
  16. Jessie is also Hebrew and means “wealthy!” Another popular spelling variation is Jesse.
  17. Jody (Hebrew) means “praise” and a variation in spelling for this moniker can be Jodie.
  18. Jordan (Hebrew) means “to flow down.”
  19. Kelly is of Irish origins and means “warrior!”
  20. Kerry is also of Irish origins and means “dark haired one.” A more unique spelling variation can be Ceri.
  21. Mackenzie (Irish) means “son of the wise ruler.”
  22. Morgan comes from Welsh and means “possibly great.”
  23. Noel is of Latin/French origins and means “born at Christmas.” A more feminine version of it is Noelle.
  24. Payton means “from a small town.” A possible spelling variation can be Peyton.
  25. Parker means “obedient.”
  26. Regan is Irish and means “little king” but don’t hesitate to name your little queen this name either! Another popular spelling is Reagan.

Celebrity Inspired Gender Neutral Names

There is no doubt that the whole unisex baby name trend was started by various celebrities who chose to name their children one of the following names and more!

With that being said, check some of them out as well as their meanings and origins to see if they are worthy of your little star as well!

  1. Dylan comes from Welsh and means “son or daughter of the sea.” So pretty!
  2. Bowie is of German origins, meaning “blonde.”
  3. Indigo is a Latin name and means “dark blue.”
  4. Harley is English and means “from the long field.”
  5. Jules is of French origins and means “youthful.”
  6. Rebel comes from German and means “little respect for authority.”
  7. Lennon is of Irish origins and means “dear one.”
  8. Sacha is of Slavic origins and means “man’s defender.” Another possible spelling of this name could also be Sasha.
  9. Scout comes from French and means “gatherer of information.”

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