A 10-Year Old Girl Recovered From Deadly Meningitis That She Got After A Face Injury

A 10-Year Old Girl Recovered From Deadly Meningitis That She Got After A Face Injury

Chloe Clark, a 10-year old girl from Alabama, recovers from meningitis that resulted from a face injury the girl obtained upon a weird accident she had at home.

A sheet of plywood hit Chloe’s face

The family’s nightmare started when Chloe’s father, Jared, was working on the house’s roof he was planning to move in with his family. Accidentally, Jared dropped a sheet of plywood from the roof which hit Chloe over her face in its fall, before plummeting into the ground. The father was shocked and stunned as he knew that Chloe was playing on the other side of the house.

Chloe was taken to the closest hospital, Madison Hospital, where she was treated for the injury. Doctors there recommended the family to go to Birmingham or Nashville, TN, for a cosmetical surgery, as soon as possible.

The family went to Nashville, TN, for Chloe’s cosmetic surgery

In the same day, the family went to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville.

The next day, Chloe woke up in pain putting her hands on the back of her neck. Soon after the first manifestations of pain, she fell into a coma. Doctors explained that the little girl contracted meningitis due to the hit because small pieces of bone punctured the brain’s protective layer, letting the bacteria from the sinuses to get to the brain.

In the cases of head injuries, meningitis is a very common complication, according to the CDC, and may be life-threatening.

Chloe was put on a ventilator to be stabilized as the doctors were fearing for her life because the little girl’s brain’s pressure was increasing.

The Chloe’s case traveled around the world

Fearing they’ll lose their daughter, Chloe’s parents started to publish posts on Facebook presenting Chloe’s situation and asking spiritual support from friends and family. But the posts have gone viral as people from Spain, Kenya, Mexico, and Japan were touched by the girl’s condition and included her in their prayers.

God’s work, or not, Chloe showed a better health condition as she started to respond to stimuli only one day after she has been connected to the ventilator. One week after that she was completely recovered.

However, the parents are now in the seventh heaven as their 10-year old girl recovered from deadly meningitis.


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