10 Navy Sailors Missing After Singapore Disaster

10 Navy Sailors Missing After Singapore Disaster

Just recently, the US Navy gave an official statement in which they were explaining how an American guided-missile destroyer somehow managed to collide with an oil tanker in Singapore. The disaster isn’t only represented by the material damages of the John S. McCain destroyer, but also by the fact that 10 US navy sailors are now missing.

It isn’t the first time such a horrible water accident occurs; a relevant example that can definitely support this statement would be the fact that only a few months ago another US ship was the “victim” of a similar collision.

Time and location of the collision

The John S. McCain destroyer was heading towards a specific port in Singapore. The moment of the collision between the two ships is eastern Strait of Malacca at 5:24 a.m. The US vessel was hit by Alnic MC, a Singaporean ship that was loaded with oil and other chemicals.


The US destroyer, John S. McCain was the ship that “suffered” the most. The left side of the vessel being seriously damaged and now it has a hole in it.

10 out of 15 sailors are nowhere to be found and the remaining 5 suffered injuries. Fortunately, the injuries weren’t bad and they have been treated immediately. But even after hours of searching, both ships from Singapore and helicopters from assault vessels couldn’t find the 10 sailors.

Ways of Prevention

Due to its recurrence, specialists analyzed the problem and came to the conclusion that ships of any kind definitely need a live crew of humans and forget about trusting so much the autopilot function, which is meant to reduce the money companies have to pay.


The accident brought to the surface some interest conflicts between the US and China as well. The cause could be the fact that the two countries are in a kind of a silent battle for naval dominance.


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