1 Billion People May Die Due to Climate Change, Scientists Said

1 Billion People May Die Due to Climate Change, Scientists Said

‘It’s the end of the world as we know it,’ but honestly, we don’t feel fine. According to conservative estimates, climate-related disasters might claim the lives of one billion people or potentially even more over the course of the following century or so. The use of fossil fuels by humanity now will, in the future, amount to a sentence of death for a great number of people. Even in this day and age, estimating the number of lives lost due to the effects of climate change is fraught with difficulty. However, scientists are doing their best to bring attention to the matter despite the fact that most forecasts for the future, including this one, are dependent on a number of assumptions.

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One billion people or more might lose their lives as a result of climatic catastrophes, according to the conclusion of a new study that looked at the human death rate caused by climate change and reviewed 180 papers on the subject.

If you take the scientific consensus of the 1,000-ton rule seriously and run the numbers, anthropogenic global warming equates to a billion premature dead bodies over the next century, stated energy specialist Joshua Pierce from the University of Western Ontario in Canada.

In the years to come, we are on pace to see global temperatures that are two degrees Celsius higher than the average global temperature before industrialization. This will result in the loss of a significant number of lives. And do you know the reason for it? It is possible that around 100 million people will lose their lives throughout the planet for every 0.1 degree Celsius that the temperature rises in the future.

The complexity of the problems caused by climate change is a contributing factor to the overall problem. Human life can be impacted in a variety of subtle and nuanced ways by natural disasters such as droughts, flooding, crop losses, wildfires, harsh weather, and rising sea levels. According to the United Nations, around 13 million people lose their lives due to environmental conditions each year; however, it is unclear if any of these fatalities are caused either directly or indirectly by climate change.

It’s not an easy truth (probably never), but it’s a fact that those who decide policy need to confront head-on.


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