We Must Be Aware of This Side Effect While Using Coffee Pods

We Must Be Aware of This Side Effect While Using Coffee Pods

A fresh cup of coffee in the morning will most often provide you with the right energy for starting your day. But according to a new study done by researchers from the University of Connecticut, we should be more careful when it comes to enjoying our joe that’s brewed through a plastic pod.

The new study revealed by Eat This, Not That! claims that a hormone-disrupting chemical could also leak into our cups if we opt for those coffee pods. The researchers observed that “coffee brewed from capsule machines may contain estrogenic chemicals migrated from plastic.”

“Estrogenic chemicals” can mimic estrogen

One solution is to use reusable stainless steel pods instead of those made of plastic.

Ock Chun, who is the lead researcher, explained during an interview for the “Eat This, Not That!” publication that in general terms, the “estrogenic chemicals” are often located in plastic coffee pods. Once entering our bodies, they could potentially disrupt the endocrinologic regulation.

Credit: Pixabay.com, Christoph
Credit: Pixabay.com, Christoph

What happens is that the brewing process could be to blame, as it involves the addition of high temperature and pressure to the plastic pod for extracting flavorful coffee quickly.

Chun declared, as quoted by Eat This, Not That!:

We are exposed to those chemicals from everywhere these days.

She blames not only the disposable cups but also the paper on which receipts from grocery stores are printed.

However, it’s no use getting panicked just yet, as the researchers’ work remains ongoing.

Otherwise, there are some top health benefits involved if you drink enough coffee, according to HopkinsMedicine.org: you’re less likely to deal with heart failure and Parkinson’s disease, and your body may process sugar better, just to say the least.

We’re all well aware of the disadvantages of drinking coffee, in general. What do you think? How do you prefer your coffee? Feel free to tell us in a comment below!


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