Top 17 Electric Nail Files For Beginners And Professionals

Top 17 Electric Nail Files For Beginners And Professionals

Professional manicures are definitely a treat and great nails say a lot about a person as well! But there is no doubt that amid the pandemic, more and more people have been DIYing their beauty routines at home and nails are not an exception.
Besides, most people nowadays are always busy and in a rush so a trip to the salon is not always a realistic option.
A very useful tool that will help you achieve that perfect look without wasting time and money in a salon is an electric nail file, and it can be used for pedicures as well!
Electric nail files are also known as e-files or professional nail drills and the results when using one are identical to those you can get in a salon if you follow the instructions and maybe watch a few tutorials. The learning curve can be a little bit steep but it’s all worth it in the end, as you’ll never need to go to a salon again!

Credit: Unsplash/Girogio Trovato
Credit: Unsplash/Girogio Trovato

At the same time, since they are usually more for experts, maybe you’ve already learned the ropes and are planning on starting your own manicure and pedicure business and are looking for the perfect tools!
Knowing which one to go with can be difficult since the market is so oversaturated with a variety of models, each one with its own pros and cons.
With that being said, this guide is meant to teach you a few things about professional nail drills and also present you with some of the best out there!
First of all, keep in mind that they are quite versatile as you can use them on both natural and false nails. Furthermore, they can also be used to remove gel nail polish and acrylic nails right at home, as well as to trim the cuticles and even smooth out your calluses.
That sounds great, of course, but before you purchase one of these handy items, make sure that you pick the right bits that will give you the best results.
Bits are the pieces that actually file and shape your nails and they come in many different sizes, shapes, grits, and materials.
Some of them are made to be used in more than just one way, but others are made with a specific function in mind, so you should inform yourself a lot before using one, especially if you are a beginner who wants to learn the craft for either professional or personal use.

Credit: Unsplash/Chelson Tamares
Credit: Unsplash/Chelson Tamares

The right speed and setting are also important. Some machines come with forward and reverse options which you should use depending on your dominant hand. The speed is key as well due to the fact that if it goes too fast, you most likely won’t end up with your desired results and might even damage your nails, so be very careful.
Finally, think about getting one with a nail dust collector since it comes in handy with the cleaning process, preventing the dust from your filing from getting everywhere in the house or and even in your lungs.
That being said, here are some of the best electric nail files on the market!

MelodySusie 30000 Scarlet Nail Drill

The first product on our list is compact but not cordless so keep that in mind if you want one without a cord.
While it’s rather small, it’s still really powerful at 30,000 RPMs, promising to work with acrylic, which means it’s safe for natural nails as well.
You operate it by using a foot pedal – this way, both of your hands remain free the whole time, allowing you to completely focus on perfecting your nail art.
This is especially useful if you are doing your own nails.
It comes with slots to hold the drill bits on the dock and also a slot for the drill itself. This means that it is super easy to just place the machine on a table, in a corner, and still be left with a lot of free work space.
It comes with six drill bits as well as six disposable sanding bands.

Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Portable Nail Drill

If you are looking for a professional nail drill that can do pretty much anything, this is the one for you!
It is cordless, and the battery will last you up to 10 hours.
It is able to remove gels and acrylics with no issue.
You’ll also most likely love how quiet this one is.

Imene Professional Nail Drill Machine

If you are a beginner, this super speedy 35.000 RPM nail drill is not really for you but if you have some experience working with such devices, you’ll definitely love how easily it grinds, sharpens, cuts, buffs and removes dip, gel and acrylic nails.
This is not only due to its power and speed but also the excellent six attachments it comes with.
If you have a business and have a lot of clients, the Imene Professional Nail Drill Machine will make your job easier and your clients happier!

MEDICOOL Pro Power 35K Portable Nail Drill

This is a great machine, especially if you are a big fan of acrylic nails.
It is rechargeable, one full charge lasting you up to 20 hours and super powerful, going up to 35,000 RPMs.
It comes with six different nail bits, including ceramic, diamond, and carbide ones.
Keep in mind that ceramic and carbide are very durable materials while diamond is rust-free so they’re all going to last you for a long time.

BELLASONIC 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File Set

If you’re a beginner when it comes to doing your own nails, the BELLASONIC 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File Set is more than enough for you!
Instead of spinning, this nail drill oscillates, causing much less heat and friction and therefore lessening the chances of you damaging your nails by mistake.
The discs are strong and work on acrylic and are still gentle enough to shape your nails to perfection and file down your cuticles with the upmost ease.

Cadrim Electric Nail Drill Machine

This nail drill is made of high-quality metal and that means it’s going to last you a long time.
It features six different drill bits, which will ensure that you can get professional-looking manicures and pedicures at home every time even while you’re binge-watching a show!
This professional kit also includes six sanding bags, a nail machine, a handle as well as a handle holder.
In case you’re not so sure about purchasing an electric nail machine because you think it may be too hard to use, this one is probably the one for you since it comes with a detailed user manual. This way, you can rest assured that you’ll learn and the ins and outs in no time!
And it’s super versatile since you can do things like carving, routing, engraving, sharpening, sanding, and polishing your nails using this item. It’s also ideal for acrylic nails!
All in all, it’s great for novices, and the low vibration design provides a secure and comfortable grip as well.

Beurer Manicure And Pedicure Kit

An even more versatile machine is the Beurer Manicure and Pedicure Kit since it comes with no less than 10 stainless steel attachments that are also coated with sapphire and felt to ensure their durability and high performance.
And that’s not even all! To add to the versatility, this machine has been designed with an impressive 18 speed setting for the best-looking results.
It also features an LED light that allows you to see every tiny part of the nail when working on it and allowing you to get a super precise result.
Other accessories included are 10 sanding bands, a dust protector, and a cord.
Finally, it comes with a great quality carrying case that contains the device and the many attachments, all in the same place. This is ideal for traveling and easy storage.

Fancii Electric Manicure And Pedicure System

This machine is perfect whether you’re planning on using it at home or on the way somewhere.
Whether you’re working on your fingernails or toenails, removing calluses, smoothing dead skin, cutting cuticles, filing, shining and shaping are all made super easy by this manicure and pedicure system.
You’ll never need to visit a salon again!
This nail file is battery operated, needing 2 AAA batteries not included, and works on all types of nails, whether they are natural or acrylic.
It is cordless and ergonomic, being super easy to hold and operate.
To dry your nail polish a lot faster, this set also comes with a built-in UV dryer. With it, worrying about smudged nail polish will become a thing of the past.
It also includes 5 different interchangeable attachments and is very silent.

KUPA ManiPro Passport Portable Nail Filing System

Many DIY manicure lovers are big fans of this brand of electric nail file, which is why it’s so popular. And it’s no surprise that it’s such a best-seller!
This nail file is cordless and also features a tiny clip on the case’s back in case you want to hook it onto your pants and take it around with ease.
It goes all the way up to 30,000 RPMs and has very little to no vibration.
The only tiny flaw that you may or may not have a problem with is the fact that there are no on and off buttons.
This means that every time you use it, you need to adjust the settings again.
It also does not come with any drill bits, but in spite of this, buyers are still really happy with the product, hence it being the most popular on the market.

Bestidy Electric Nail Drill Kit

The Bestidy Electric Nail Drill Kit comes with six drills, 30 pieces of fine sanding bands, a USB power cord, and the nail drill itself!
All of these pieces are able to work in perfect harmony to get you some of the most impressive results a professional electric nail file can ever achieve.
The device is sleek, lightweight, easy to handle, and super portable.
It is great at grinding, filing, and shaping all types of nails, be it natural or acrylic, with no problem.
The motor is highly efficient and has an adjustable speed setting that can go up to 20,000 RPM. This setting will allow you to remove your excess cuticles, get rid of calluses and will also remove gel nail polish with ease.
The body of the drill itself is made from great quality aluminum alloy and that has a great role in keeping the device from overheating.

Pinkiou Pen Shape Electric Nail Drill

This pen shaped electric nail drill has six interchangeable metal bits and sanding bands that are all very easy to change.
It does a great job shaping and buffing nails, removing and cleaning calluses and cuticles and flattening and smoothing thick nails, either natural or artificial.
While it was designed with an electric cord, it’s long and that will allow you a lot of freedom to move and sit wherever you want.
You can adjust the speed setting based on your preferences and experience level.
It is super portable, so you’ll have no problem taking it with you everywhere while on the road or traveling, especially since it makes such little noise and produces low vibration while in use.

YaFex Professional Nail Drill

This nail drill has an up to 30,000 RPM adjustable speed and is perfect for buffing, sanding, grinding, sharpening, trimming, polishing, and removing extension gel nails and dead cells.
To make its use much easier, this drill was designed with both forward and reverse rotation.
It comes with six metal drill bits and 36 pieces of sanding bands!
The product’s body is made with aluminum alloy, which helps keep it from overheating, making the grip comfortable and safe.
It produces little vibration and noise and also features an LED spotlight for more precision, a pen, and a needle holder! One of the best products for beginners.

Delanie Portable Nail Drill Machine

The Delanie Nail Drill Machine is efficient in the case of acrylic nails and also helps remove artificial gel ones.
The set features six bits and six sanding bands, all having their own important roles in the process.
It is super portable and lightweight and made with aluminum alloy to avoid overheating.
It produces little vibration and is very silent.
The speed settings and the directional change options make it one of the easier machines to use for novices.

Pure Enrichment PureNails 10-Piece Professional Manicure and Pedicure Kit

If you’re planning on using your brand new nail drill on natural nails, you might want to pick a model that is more gentle as not to damage them or, even worse, hurt yourself!
The one from Pure Enrichment PureNails comes with two speeds, the lower one being the more gentle, perfect for use on your natural nails and for removing the cuticles with no damage.
In fact, to help you focus even more on small and sensitive areas of the nail bed, this product comes with a built-in LED light.

Finishing Touch Flawless Salon Nails Kit Electronic Nail File

If you need a nail drill that is super small, lightweight, and therefore easy to bring on the go, this might just be ideal for your situation!
While it’s portable and perfect for any last-minute nail appointments, this machine is still really powerful and achieves professional results. Plus, it comes in rose gold!

AZ Gogo Professional 3-in-1 Nail Drill

This nail drill was designed with a built-in nail dust collection fan which is perfect if you don’t want to inhale nail dust or have to clean it up from all over the furniture after every use.
The fan is able to just suck in all that dust and keep it contained in a no-spill filter screen which is rather easy to remove, empty and just reuse. This way you don’t even need to keep buying and replacing filters.
It also comes with a positionable LED lamp that, naturally, makes it easier to see when working on your nails or a client’s.
As for the drill itself, it is corded and goes up to 30,000 RPM, which is more than enough to work well with acrylic and hard gel nails.
If you need to reverse the drill’s direction, you can do so by just flipping a switch.
The power, on the other hand, can be controlled using a foot pedal so that your hands remain free for working on nails.

Pedinova Electric Foot & Nail File

The last product on our list is corded but still compact. Keep in mind that this is mainly just for natural nails so if you are planning on actually working on clients with different needs, you might want to go for another nail file.
On the other hand, if you want one just to maintain your own natural nails without having to go to a salon every time, this is more than enough.
Furthermore, it’s great for toenails as well, so you’ll be able to do both your manicure and pedicure by yourself at home.


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