Top 10 Running Locations in Europe

Top 10 Running Locations in Europe

Top 10 Running Locations in Europe 

Many beautiful destinations in Europe offer plenty of cultures, sightseeing, and exquisite cuisines. Their characterful layouts and charm also make them a joy for running. In no order, this article lists the top 10 running locations across Europe.

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1. Lisbon, Portuga

Run the picturesque Cascais coastal run, situated 30km west of Lisbon. The path provides 9km of ocean views overlooking the Atlantic the whole way, with lighthouses, beaches, parks, and golf courses to admire. If you’re keen to run in Portugal, why not get involved with Lisbon half and full marathons, which take place every year and attract over 35,000 runners.

2. London, UK

London offers the Diana memorial running tour, a favourite among urban runners, which incorporates some of the city’s famous parks in a figure of eight loop. It contains Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James Park. Don’t forget the famous London Marathon, which takes place every year and includes plenty more city sights. 

3. Barcelona Waterfront and Beaches

The city with a beach, offering up to 9km of fantastic running. Take in the city and sea views with paved paths, marinas, and numerous landmarks to admire. Barcelona is a hot spot for tourists, offering a vibrant culture and many sights to add to your running route. Check out some of their parks if you want some shade from the sun.

4. Palma, Mallorca, Spain

The Paseo Maritimo is a signature seaside run along Mallorca’s palm-lined promenade, offering several km of sun, sea, and gorgeous views.

5. Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam is famous for its enchanting riverways and historical architecture, so why not try one of the unique runs in the world. The four main canals in Amsterdam form a half-circle ‘ring’ around the old Amsterdam. Run the route and take in the famous sights and gracious buildings as you go.

6. Dublin, Ireland 

The capital of Ireland makes a fab destination for runners. With tonnes of incredible scenery like Howth peninsular cliff walk, summits, and historical sites throughout the city. You’ve also got the 1,750 acres of greenery at Phoenix Park if you want to escape the city vibes. It boasts a beautiful mix of fields, paths, and leafy trails.

7. Madrid, Spain

Casa de Campo is five times New York’s Central Park and is situated a few km West of Madrid’s centre. The running route begins at the beautiful Royal Palace, or you could begin at the B Batán Metro Station,

8. Rome, Italy 

Turn a popular walking tour into your very own running tour, taking in all the famous sights. However, it’s best to do it early before the temperature rises, and streets get crowded with tourists.

9. Zurich, Switzerland

With some of Europe’s best mountainous scenery, Switzerland is one of the more strenuous running locations. A 20-minute train ride from central Zurich will take you to near the top of the local mountain, Uetliberg. You can run the ridge to Felsenegg, which boasts fantastic views of the valleys and mountains.

10. Vienna, Austria 

Another excellent running location in Europe is Austria. Take a short trip to Vienna’s Danube Island, which is 21.8km from top to bottom – most famous for its recreational vibes and restaurants. Why not treat yourself to a delicious brunch post-run? Alternatively, head to the iconic Salzburg for more pastoral, country, and river views.


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