The Main Substances Found In Green Tea

The Main Substances Found In Green Tea

The green tea is one of the most popular tea in the world. For the Americans, however, this isn’t exactly their favorite beverage. But when they will find out the benefits of the green they would hopefully change their minds and add the green tea to their drinking habits.

Specialists say that green tea contains EGCG, some sort of antioxidants that can be found in some fruits (apples, berries so on and so forth). Certain studies have shown that drinking green tea on a daily basis can help you win the battle against fatty products toxic effects.

But how did the researchers discover the green tea’s health effects?

Simple, they made an experiment on mice. The experiment implies three categories of diets for the mice. One group of mice were fed with lab food and drank water, the second group ate had a very fat diet and drank only water with fructose. The third group of mice had the same diet as the second group but they drank water laced with EGCG.

The researchers made observations regarding the mice’ weight, cognitive aspects and insulin functions for 3 months (how long the experiment lasted). And the results were astonishing! Apparently, the mice that consumed EGCG were not as fat as the ones which had a very unhealthy diet. They even had better results when the memory test was performed.

What’s the explanation?

It appears that the EGCG from the green tea acts like a protective layer for the brain. But not every side of it, more specifically EGCG protects the hippocampus and the neurons, meaning the things that are in charge of the memory.

The same goes for humans, the ones who drink green tea every day have lower chances of having heart diseases and cancer. After all, it is the second most drank beverage (water occupying the first position) for a good reason.


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