Prostate Cancer Symptoms – 5 Early Signs Of Prostate Cancer You Should Know

Prostate Cancer Symptoms – 5 Early Signs Of Prostate Cancer You Should Know

Prostate cancer is an important health condition in most civilized countries. Although the disease is rare in men under 50, experts believe that most elderly present traces of prostate cancer. For yet unknown reasons, African-American men have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer and have the highest death rate caused by this cancer.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

There are no clear symptoms triggered by the early stages of prostate cancer. Once the malignant tumor causes a significant increase in the volume of the gland, or once cancer spreads beyond the prostate, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Frequent urge to urinate, especially at night;
  • Difficulty in starting and stopping the urinary flow;
  • A weak or discontinued urinary jet;
  • A painful urination or ejaculation;
  • The presence of blood in urine or sperm;

These are not symptoms of prostate cancer itself but are symptoms of the blockage caused by the growth of the prostate and the surrounding tumors. Also, for men over 50, doctors recommend yearly checkups.

5 Early Signs Of Prostate Cancer You Should Know

The before-mentioned symptoms are already occurring when the prostate tumors have grown quite considerably. However, there are some signs of prostate cancer that might occur in the earliest stages of prostate cancer development.

Low volume of urine

Among the first signs that occur, there is the very small volume of urine despite the continuous need to urinate.

Burning sensation during urination

Even though it might be triggered by something you ate or drank, burning sensation every time you urinate can also be a sign of prostate cancer in its early stages.

Pelvic pains

As the tumors grow inside the prostate gland, they exert more pressure on the surroundings, therefore, pelvic pains might occur more often.

Weight loss without any reason

A typical sign for every form of cancer, weight loss without any reason is also a sign of prostate cancer.

Erectile dysfunction

A common problem among men, erectile dysfunction might also be a signal of prostate cancer. Therefore, if, out of the blue, you start experiencing erectile dysfunction, corroborated with other early signs of prostate cancer, you should seek medical advice.


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