Nuts Are Useful For Sperm Quality And Male Fertility, A New Study Revealed

Nuts Are Useful For Sperm Quality And Male Fertility, A New Study Revealed

To improve sperm quality and male fertility, men should consume 60 grams of nuts per day. Adding nuts to a balanced diet would significantly enhance the quality of sperm and male fertility, according to the results of a study published in the medical journal European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Researchers at Rovira and Virgili University in Reus, Spain, conducted a study on 119 healthy men, aged 18 to 35, and divided them into two groups.

The study was conducted, according to lead author Dr. Albert Salas-Huetos, in the context of a general decline in sperm quantity and quality, attributed in industrialized countries to “pollution, smoking, and unhealthy diets.”

For 14 weeks the volunteers were asked to consume 60 grams a day of nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, additionally to their regular diet. For the analysis, the researchers recorded not only the quality of the sperm but also the changes that occurred in several molecular factors, including sperm DNA fragmentation.

Nuts proved useful for sperm quality and male fertility

Results showed significantly higher levels of sperm count, vitality, mobility and morphology in the first group of subjects composed of those who ate nuts.

Improvements in the first group were about 16% in sperm count, 4% in sperm vitality, 6% in sperm mobility, and 1% in morphology.

“These four parameters are all associated with male fertility. In addition, nut group subjects also showed a significant reduction in their sperm DNA fragmentation rate, a parameter closely associated with male infertility,” explained Dr. Albert Salas-Huetos, the leading author of the study.

The results of this new study confirm previous research carried out in 2013 by the researchers from the Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA University in California, USA, which also revealed that a considerable quantity of nuts, consumed daily, would improve the sperm quality and male fertility, in general.


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