Man Suffers Third Degree Burns From Phone Charger Mishap

Man Suffers Third Degree Burns From Phone Charger Mishap

A man from Alabama is lucy to  be alive after being electrocuted while he was sleeping with his phone charging in his bed.

According to reports, Wiley Day had second and third degree burns on his face and hands.

“Thursday morning is probably the most scariest morning I’ve ever been through in my life,” Day told WAAYTV.

Day said the silver dog tag he wears around his neck became a conductor of electricity when it slipped between the charger and an extension cord used to reach the outlet.


“And my necklace became the conductor,” Day said.

He said the shock jolted him down to the floor.

“I kept yelling, ‘Jesus,'” Day said.

Day said after his near death experience, he’s breaking the habit of sleeping with his phone on the charger in the bed.

Benjamin Fail, a physician in Huntsville, estimated that Day was shocked with approximately 110 volts of electricity. “He is lucky to be alive,” Fail told WAAY-TV. “Electrocution kills.”


Day has since started charging his iPhone in his kitchen.


He told The Post:


“From my experience to others, it is not worth your life charging your electronics in bed.  I mean, it’s not worth it. I wouldn’t wish what happened to me on my worst enemy.”


Doctors said Day will likely have a full recovery.


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