Laughter is a Great Way to Reduce Stress; Here’s Why

Laughter is a Great Way to Reduce Stress; Here’s Why

Did you know that one of the best ways to relieve stress, anxiety, discomfort, and other negative feelings is to regularly spend time laughing? It’s not nearly as difficult as it seems, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t give humor a shot at relieving some of the pressure you’re under. Laughter actually causes the body to go through a number of beneficial changes, both physically and emotionally. So, it might look like quite the process to understand, but you’ll get there! As a matter of fact, we came up with an easy-to-follow mini-guide explaining why laughter is good for your health, particularly as a method of relieving stress.

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Having a sense of humor not only helps you interact with other people but also makes you determined, grounded, and attentive. When it comes to dealing with anger management, it enables you to have a more effective strategy, which is another benefit. Laughter has been shown to alleviate pain, lower blood pressure, lower levels of anxiety and sadness, and improve the immune system. That’s wonderful, isn’t it?!

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of laughter so that we can get a better understanding of why it may be so effective in relieving stress:

1. The act of laughing causes the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural compounds responsible for producing a positive mood. Endorphins, too, are responsible for the general feeling of well-being that people experience and can even provide momentary pain relief.
2. Laughter has a calming effect on the entire body. You may reduce the physical stress and tension in your body by having a big, hearty laugh, which will keep your muscles soothed for up to half an hour thereafter.
3. Laughter has been shown to protect the heart by enhancing the performance of blood vessels and increasing blood flow. This can help protect you from having a heart attack as well as other cardiovascular disorders.
4. Laughter strengthens the immune system by lowering levels of stress hormones and increasing the number of immunological cells and infection-fighting antibodies in the body, which ultimately improves a person’s resistance to illness.
5. Some research suggests that those who laugh more tend to have longer lives. People who have a good sense of humor have a longer lifespan than those who don’t laugh as often, according to research that was conducted in Norway (you can find it on the Internet; it’s very astounding!).

As you may do with working out, start by blocking out specific times when you will actively seek out comedy and laughter and then build on that foundation. Watching a funny movie, inviting some friends around, and playing some board games are all great ways to laugh. You make the call!


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