How Can Men’s Age Impact Their Ability To Become Fathers, As Well As The Pregnancy And The Baby

How Can Men’s Age Impact Their Ability To Become Fathers, As Well As The Pregnancy And The Baby

Recently conducted studies confirm that not only the age of the females has a considerable impact on the capacity to reproduce, to successfully carry out the pregnancy and on the child’s health, but the age of the males also. Specialists suggest that, although technology advances nowadays provide considerable assistance regarding fertility, men should not neglect that fact that their age can also impact their ability to become fathers.

Here is how the age of the father can impact the pregnancy and the baby

Bachmann states that similar to other traits and particularities of our organisms, such as muscle strength, endurance, and so on, that are decreasing with time, the quality of the sperm in case of males decreases too once they reach a certain age. Even more, this can cause troubles also if the partner is younger than 25 years old.

Specialists also suggest that not only the fertility is affected by the age of the individual, but also the pregnancy itself as well as the health of the infant and the way it develops inside the wound.

It is proven that, in the case of males over 45 years old who are attempting to become parents, a series of complications may intervene regarding the pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia, premature birth, gestational diabetes. Moreover, having a father that is older than 45 years old may increase the chances of children to develop certain psychiatric or cognitive disorders, cancer or autism.

Is the overall society aware of this?

A recently released report by the Modern State of Fertility shows that a worrying number of females are not aware of the impact that their partners’ age can have on their ability to successfully get impregnated or to give birth without any complications.

However, the most significant majority of the women knew about the “biological clock” of the females and that their fertility is considerably affected by growing old. Few of them did not realize that the man’s fertility declines after reaching 45 years old either.

What is to be done?

It is increasingly essential for both males and females to be aware of this aspect, not only to diminish double standards created around this issue but to ensure that they do the best they can to ensure themselves that they can successfully give birth to a healthy child.

Men older than 45 are suggested to consult a physician should they decide they want to become parents. Since technology and medicine have developed so much lately, there are now diverse methods one can increase its fertility through or alternative means that help diminishing risks.


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