Hangover Remedies – How to Get Rid Of A Hangover Quickly And Effectively

Hangover Remedies – How to Get Rid Of A Hangover Quickly And Effectively

“I will never drink again!” That’s what all those who at one point woke up with a tingling headache and a stomach spinning like a washing machine say.

The first tip is that if feel like vomiting, do it! This is a way the body removes toxins.

If you cannot survive without a sedative, then choose aspirin or ibuprofen. Avoid paracetamol because it can affect your liver if you have drunk alcohol.

Hangover Remedies

To reduce terrible headaches, try one of the remedies below. As for the courageous decision … well, if you’re still drinking, you can do a few things to limit the impact of alcohol on your body.

The first step towards a rapid improvement

As soon as you wake up, drink two large glasses of water to counteract dehydration. Drink a large glass of grapefruit juice, oranges or tomatoes. Fruit juice contains fructose, which speeds up the metabolism.

If you are a coffee consumer, drink one or two cups as soon as possible. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, that diminishes the diameter of dilated cerebral blood vessels. Just don’t exaggerate. Like alcohol, caffeine is a diuretic, and if you drink too much, you’ll be even more dehydrated.

Snacks for recovery

Once you have overcome nausea, prepare a bowl of chicken soup. It will replace the amounts of salt and potassium that the body lost when you drank.

Also, a banana milkshake is a great way to replace potassium and other nutrients lost that night of drunkenness. Mix ½ cup of milk with a banana and two teaspoons of honey in a blender. Banana is a good source of potassium and honey is rich in fructose.

Get on the move!

Although the instinct tells you to stay in bed, you will feel better if you take a short stroll or run out. Thus, you will increase the secretion of endorphins, the natural analgesics of the body. Increased alcohol consumption reduces the number of endorphins in the body.

How to prevent hangovers

Drink slowly! The body metabolizes alcohol at a constant rate of about 30 ml per hour. If you give the body more time to metabolize it, the brain will get less alcohol.

Alternate alcoholic beverages with mineral water, fruit juice and other alcohol-free drinks. Avoid champagne and any carbonated alcoholic beverages (gin tonic and rum with cola, for example). Acid causes the alcohol to get into the blood faster.

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