Guide to Trataka: How to Do a Candle Gazing Meditation

Guide to Trataka: How to Do a Candle Gazing Meditation

The practice of candle gazing meditation, which is also referred to as Trataka, is an effective method that entails fixing one’s attention on the flame of a candle in order to improve one’s concentration and enter a meditative state. What’s intriguing at Trataka is the cleansing and concentration aspects of the practice. Even while staring at a candle flame is the most frequent form of Trataka, the practice can also be done with other things, such as a black dot, a symbol, or even a picture. The technique was derived from Hatha Yoga, and its goals are to boost the practitioner’s capacity to meditate, improve focus, and cultivate a mind that is at ease. How amazing is it!

Here’s a full guide on how to perform a candle-gazing meditation:

Find a place with less noise

Pick a location that’s serene, comfortable, and away from any potential distractions. Make sure the lighting is dim and soothing so that everyone can just kick back and enjoy themselves.

Be comfortable

Take a seat in a position that is both comfortable and stable, and then settle in. To keep yourself attentive when sitting, you can keep your spine in a straight position by using a cushion or chair.


Position a candle so that it is at eye level: Face yourself in the mirror and place a candle so that it is at eye level. As a precaution against eye strain, you should keep a comfortable distance from the candle.

Light the candle

Start by lighting the candle in a careful manner. Take time to observe the flame as it flutters and then settles down into a steady burn.


Aim your attention directly onto the fire, and try to avoid blinking too frequently while doing so. Pay attention to the point where the wick meets the flame or the core of the flame itself. Give your eyes permission to unwind into a fuzzy focus.

Maintain your concentration

As you look at the candle’s flame, make an effort to keep your thoughts totally fixated on the candle itself. There is a possibility that thoughts will come to mind, but when they do, return your focus back to the flame without passing judgment.

Do not blink

Although it’s normal to blink, you should strive to limit how often you do it and avoid blinking too frequently. This makes it easier for you to keep your attention on the flame.

Be conscious of your breathing

As you maintain your focus on the candle in front of you, bring your awareness to your breathing. Permit your breathing to return to its normal state, and pay attention to the relationship that develops between your breath and the flame.

Continue for a bit more

You may begin by timing yourself for a few minutes and then progressively increase the amount of time as you grow more accustomed to the exercise. Avoid putting unnecessary strain on your eyes, and if they start to feel fatigued, you can temporarily close them and then return to your meditation.

End the season

When you are ready to bring the meditation to a close, close your eyes and take several long, slow breaths. Observe any shifts in the way you’re thinking when you take time to sit in silence.

After the meditation, you should think about what you’ve just experienced and how it’s affected you. Take note of any shifts that may have occurred in your ability to concentrate, mental clarity, or general sense of tranquility.

When engaging in the practice of candle gazing meditation, it is vital to have a patient and consistent attitude. Maintaining a practice on a consistent basis can result in enhanced focus, inner serenity, and heightened self-awareness.

The following are some advantages of practicing Trataka:

Reducing anxiety and tension: The activity can bring on a state of relaxation and help to soothe the mind, which both contribute to a decrease in tension and anxiety.

More focused: Trataka serves to strengthen attention and concentration by teaching the mind to remain fixated on a single place, which in turn helps to improve focus and concentration.

Peace: It is believed that practicing Trataka can assist in bringing about a sense of inner calm as well as balancing one’s emotions.

Better memory: Memory Improvement It is thought that regular practice of Trataka can improve one’s memory as well as cognitive performance.

Eyesight help: Some supporters of Trataka assert that it may have beneficial benefits on one’s eyesight, including alleviating the strain that is placed on the eyes and enhancing one’s vision.

Should Any Precautions Be Taken? Is There Anything That Could Go Wrong During Trataka?

It is vital to approach Trataka with the same patience, constancy, and self-awareness that one would bring to any other meditation or yoga practice. People who have specific mental health disorders, such as those who are prone to hallucinations or who have a history of psychosis, for instance, should approach Trataka with extreme caution. Consider getting advice from a competent yoga instructor or a healthcare expert if you have any worries or problems that have been with you from the beginning.


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